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Ponies wearing clothes must be really hot though, literally. They already have fur after all.
Well said lol
Besides, ponies in clothes are indeed often considered more hot looking than without them for some strange reason XD
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Well, taking of clothes, Kirins have nice natural “scarves” XD
That is true. We come with plenty of chest hair. To the point where it’s basically a scarf. We also don’t have to worry about getting cold. Just get a little angry and we naturally heat up the entire area XD

Regarding Twilight’s growth and Celestia being seen in a bad light, there is some connection. Basically, Twilight spends the entire show from beginning to end dancing on Celestia’s strings, which is a rather conservative coming-of-age path. Indeed, Celestia doing all sorts of mysterious things “for Twilight’s good” never seems to backfire. All of this could be a powerful setup if it had had any kind of payoff, but as it is it comes off as unsatisfying.
On a more personal note… I wish I could find enthusiasm for G5 as I once did for G4. I’m not even sure if it’s any worse or if it’s just that I’m older and my life has changed. (I really hope not…)
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Oh my God, these YouTube channels like MLP Fever and Star Strike are really starting to piss me off with their “analyzing” and dumb clickbait titles, I really want to hide these channels so I won’t see them everytime I search G5
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I am a silly person
I was sleeping and dreamed I was on a school trip; when the end of the journey came, we were gathered in a garden and given boxes, I opened mine and inside was a huge, soft plushie of Rarity, her mane was amazing and I could feel her softness, I hugged him very tight and… I woke up, without any plushie in my hands, and it was late for me to go to work.
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