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Just Wayne
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On one hand, people are having a flame war about how bad G4 finale is. On the other, people are having a flame war over one little fart in G5. I’m pretty sure we hate everything at this point.
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To assume Hasbro would do the same mistake in the FIM series finale on Opaline and Misty is unbelievable.
Hasbro will never, ever do it.
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The G4 finale was monumentally terrible, but also predictable at least 5+ years previous… except to the people who are incredibly unreasonably mad that TYT has a fart in it. Those sad creatures have been in denial about MLP’s nature, and their own, for 12 years and counting.
MLP is a show for little kids. Always was. It used to be little girls specifically, but G4 has convinced Hasbro to expand this to little boys too, as young boys made up about 30% of FiM’s audience in 2017 and this is likely larger today.
G4 had many problems such as the staff shakeup after Faust and Renzetti left, but a really big one was Hasbro trying to pander to bronies (because bronies are nominal adults with real adult money); later seasons are full of unprofessionally bad ideas lifted directly from fanfics, such as that travesty we call the finale, alternating with hard passes like Scootaloo’s stupid parents to try to make it look like they weren’t obviously doing that. G5 won’t have this problem as Hasbro didn’t expect bronies to stick around after G4 (as indeed they have not!) and isn’t relying on them anymore.
Pony Life and Tell Your Tale are for toddlers. This is obvious from looking at them, and it’s why they’re the only two media so far with fart jokes in them.
Childish people love childish things but desperately want to pretend they’re mature, forcing everyone to cater to them - and that’s why idiots are outraged when confronted with the fact that they like a show for babies.
Yet it is this very sense of entitlement and willingness to legally endanger Hasbro with fraudulent bullshit that has convinced Hasbro bronies aren’t worth caring about.
Just Wayne
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab

Umbreon is best Pokemon!
Yup, we hate everything, even ourselves.
There is so much negativity flowing in the air, Smash fans seem happier with its target material. They aren’t usually satisfied but bronies are never satisfied.
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I’m frustrated about how Fluttershy is basically inseparable from Discord in the eyes of the fandom (and in official content) at this point. I’ve always liked Fluttershy, but I hate Discord and hate them being shipped, so I think the fandom’s ruined her a bit for me.
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I don’t like the ship as well. (Still don’t now) Especially for how her friends get constantly angry at Discord to the point of a betrayal that thankfully never happened in the show.
So you want a show for kids that never listens to fans? Just like Teen Titans Go and Kevin Smith’s He-Man?
Shit like this why G4 will be forgotten and all of this would have avoided if people would just accept change regardless of being good or not.
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fluttershy being shipped with discord is significantly better than her being shipped with two guys she has never called about: sombra (who is evil) and big mac
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“I watch a show for small children, you watch a show for toddlers, we are not the same” is a bit of a weird hill for an adult to die on. Especially if you’re willing to have your name attached to porn of a show “for babies”.
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