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Pony Venting Thread


All review aggregators have their problems. And this movie only has seven reviews which is barely enough to count for anything. That said I think comparing the movies is fair game. They’re both children’s movies in the same franchise. It’s about as valid as comparing Moana to Cinderella, even though both of those movies are pretty different.
Ken Jeong sucks in this just like he sucks in everything I’ve ever seen him in. Other than that, just a mediocre kids film.
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the Anti-Hasbro agenda that happens since Bayformers 2)
Yeah, because critics were ready to tear into Hasbro’s Bumblebee- oh wait, that movie actually reviewed really well
Or maybe, just maybe, and this may come as a shocker, Hasbro needs to get better directors and writers who are invested in their franchises to work on their movies
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You know what else was reviewed very well… Ouija: Origin of Evil.
Also FYI, Jayson Thiessen and Meghan McCarthy and Mike Vogel were invested in MLP too. Just like G.M. Berrow and the people at Boulder Media.
And yet the score was low to the point where 2017 was Hasbro’s WORST year ever. Because critics don’t give a shit if the G4 film is faithful to the source material by not being a live action movie to the point where this could have saved Hasbro from becoming a punching bag of the film industry. If they did and they are aware that the film is based on a beloved property, then the film would have been as certified fresh as the G5 movie.
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I mean, I’m all up for comparing movies with one another, it’s that I hate it when people use review aggregator sites to justify their quality and to determine which is better than one another.
I personally liked the G5 movie more than the 2017 movie because I saw both movies instead of relying on random strangers on the Internet. That and like you said, there aren’t that many reviews on that site to really get an accurate measure.
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