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Pony Venting Thread

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The MordeTwi meme is just stupid and I never liked it, not back then and not right now. There’s been a lot of stupid art trends on Twitter, but this one is probably the dumbest by far. I didn’t mind Bowsette, I didn’t mind the Sailor Moon redraw, and I didn’t mind Long Glimmer but this one is my limit.
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There’s something I hate about it too.
I do complement how much effort they put into these memes, but boy am I tired of seeing them.
Although filters do exist so I guess I’m not too upset. I just wish they could move onto something else or go with subversions of the meme instead.

@Brass Beau  
It’s probably because both shows came out during the same time, and the persons was watching both and thought those two probably had potential to be a good couple. Early 2010’s internet really enjoyed crossovers, I mean have y’all seen Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons?  

@Stormy Waters  
People are still drawing Transformers Animated fan art, but I wouldn’t really say that’s still relevant.
I think the fact that we keep relitigating whether MLP is still relevant says something. I’m not sure what, though.
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