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Zephyr’s been a lot better in everything except for the main show, even in EQG he feels a lot less like a loser

@Brass Beau
Yeah she was cool, and zephyr actually was pretty nice to her and this proves that he doesn’t hit on every mare the same way he does dash like every one thinks.

Nah, he's obsessed.

(Now, I can see him "apologising" to them that he's already taken by a Wonderbolt, so nothing can happen between them however sexy they find him.)
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
Thinking about it, and this is just a possibility and potential headcanon, what if his fear of failure, love of mane styling and over confident persona all stem from Rainbow Dash rejecting him when he was young?
Her rejection hurt him and he gained a fear of failure.
Her colorful mane made him interested in mane styling. It's also an excuse to try and get closer to her.
His personality is a defense mechanism because he never properly processed his feelings over the rejection.
Maybe I'm just reaching here, though.
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Gone for the month.
I don't know where to post this, but I'm thinking about leaving the fandom.

I'm a thirty three year old cholo who really doesn't belong here.

I've always known the show's cast read our comments on here, which is why I've been here so long. But now it seems that the ride is over.
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Artist -

Agree with Latecomer. Speaking from much personal experience.

Followed the show since 2013. Took several breaks. Sometimes from places (FIMFiction usually). Sometimes from the show as a whole. Sometimes just from the internet.

Sometimes were long breaks. Always were necessary breaks.

Keep coming back because nothing else inspired me for years. Friendship is Magic is a creative black hole like that. Toxic. Hope your life isn't as sad as mine.

If you're happier away from Derpibooru, please take a break. For yourself. Maybe just for pride month, maybe for good, maybe between.
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