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Pony Venting Thread


I remember seeing someone say how Button mash is a better character than Snips and Snails I’m thinking Bs since Button has no canon personality, has never done anything in the show, like most his stuff comes from fanon. It just really frustrated me seeing that comment.
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I like the characterization IDW gave Big Mac better than what the show went with.
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I noticed that are two annoying reactions the Appledash teasing in the finale from people who think it’s canon.  
Thinking anyone who doesn’t think it’s Canon is in denial or Or saying that the show made rainbow a tomboy lesbian stereotype

How would you feel if Hasbro treated MLP like Transformers and had multiple lines for the franchise? More specifically, if they kept Pony Life around as the Slice of Life variant and made G5 and all/mostly adventure series?

So I seen some comparisons of Snips and Snails to Scrappy from Scooby doo and I don’t see how there compare able since Scrappy was more a main cast member whyll Snips and Snails are more like Tertiary characters.

Kind of? Just repeating variations of the same thing over and over again is a bit boring.
(It’s not even that I dislike Snips and Snails - they’re alright. But too much of this and I might start to.)
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