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Pony Venting Thread

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Zipp Dripp!
I just feel that teenagers and adults were expecting something serious, dark or edgy in a cartoon full of colorful horses. Much like people is having on the IDW Crossover between MLP and Transformers.
It’s easy to forget just how much promise the prologue for The Pilot showed at the time. It made it look like we were in for this lore-driven epic with gods, monsters, magic, and artifacts. And while it had those elements, it didn’t really live up to the promise of The Prologue, and it actually took the fandom (myself included) a long time to realize that this was the case.
I personally think that the show is at its best when it does character studies, and I’ve come to appreciate what a great collection of interwoven character studies Season One was.
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I just the first Season 10 comic, and it was kinda underwhelming. The only good part was Tempest, but still, why is she there? All she was doing was throwing snarky grumpy remarks. And what was her deal? I like Tempest staying tactical and vigilant but gleefully inquiring about how to best subjugate (indeed brutally murder) your newest ally is excessively sadistic and uncalled for. Good thing the kelpies are so naive and nopony was listening or she would have caused another international incident.
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Passionate opinionator
Looking at this pic upsets me.  
I don’t care if anyone is tired of me bitching and moaning about who should be turned good or not, looking at Discord and Chancellor Neighsay to be considered “redeemed” makes me sick to my stomach. I know no one is gonna defend me because they would want to say the same thing about Starlight Glimmer but fucking whatever. I have no where else to go to bitch. My best friend has “retired” from pony dramas and tells me to go out and talk to other people about it. Like whom? I don’t think anyone who has the same viewpoints I do will see.
I know it does but it doesn’t feel as satisfying compared to when the source material takes the inititive to resolve those themselves. Then again, even the source material can leave you unsatisfied. Its like you can’t trust anyone. :(
I think the Season 10 comics have been fine so far. I’m liking Zecora’s old friends.  
And as WyrmSpawn said, people love Tempest and want her to be an important character because to them, they found her to be the best part of the movie. And since comics have the advantage of not paying any big name Hollywood actors to voice their characters, she can be fully utilized in the comics.  
Also while Tempest is writing down what her new allies’ weaknesses are, she could also think up ways how her allies could defend against their weaknesses.
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Really, the show got extremely lucky that it managed to be good enough to attract an adult fanbase at its start, they just thought that that luck would continue as they stuck around and the show developed more. It’s like you said, it’s a cartoon about tiny colorful horses made by a toy company whose sole intent was to market toys and merchandising, it wasn’t like Avatar The Last Airbender or Adventure Time or even Steven Universe which can do so much more with their premises and ideas.
I think that’s something a good chunk of YouTube bronies need to realize.
MLP wasn’t about interconnected lore and grandiose adventures. It was about the interpersonal relationships between the 10 MAIN characters and solving friendship problems, with big adventures being saved for the premieres and finales.
Really, the show was at it’s best in Season 4. After that, the new writers thought that the show had to be the next Avatar (when it didn’t), and caved to the demands of lore and moving outside the “Mane 6 click” (despite the fact that they’re the MAIN CHARACTERS). All the while also having to deal with Hasbro’s own contrasting demands.
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MLP FIM was never really good with lore and worldbuilding tbh.
It was always best when it was just characters interactions and slice of life stuff.

Pinkie being upset about Maud getting a boyfriend with a guy she only had one bad experience with is kind of dumb and she just stays frustrated upset about it the whole episode which weirds me out since I remember the episode she annoyed Cranky a lot because she wanted him to like her but apparently she hates this guy she just meet so much that she believes he “tricked” Maud into liking him!!!
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World's Okayest User
@Penguin Dragneel
@icey wicey 1517  
I feel like S7 embodies both the best and worst aspects of the show with it’s two main themes, with the theme of family(as said by Jim Miller itself) dealing with the mane 6 and their families were the season’s best, and probably the series best, with episodes like Perfect Pear, Forever Filly, Parental Glideance, Once Upon A Zeppelin. The Pillars on the other hand, felt really half baked and kinda crap, despite being much more ambitious with the epic feeling and running in conjunction with the comics
@Penguin Dragneel  
All the while also having to deal with Hasbro’s own contrasting demands.
From S6 onwards Hasbro was a lot more hands off. Iirc, the only thing Hasbro wanted was the friendship schooland even then the staff apparently wanted it for S6, the staff were pretty open about how they had more freedom and how everything from Glimmer’s redemption to the changedlings, to McFlurry to the Studen Six were all their own ideas….which when I think about makes everything look much worse :/
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I’ll give you Discord being kind of shit as an ally, but what did Neighsay even do after S8? He… led a combined army into fighting the villains and helped save Twilight with a shield. That’s pretty much it.
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