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It's indeed something I'd rather never read about but that's not actually what bothers me. It's the sheer, eyerolling *omnipresence* of it. Which I'd bet isn't the case for fanfics of the original games.

At this point it feels like ticking off a checklist. Fallout EDGEquestria fic: must have ||rape||. I tried reading three 'Enclave protagonist' (or close enough) fics for instance and, surely enough, all three involved it. ||Twice from the protagonist's point of view, too.||

Plus, as someone who tends to obsessively remove what feels unnecessary from my works, well. That subject feels *negative* necessary to me. At least with how it's used and presented. Screams 'doesn't add **anything** to the story.' Subjective though, obviously.

And the *FoE* writers on FIMFiction also seem to never bother with content warning in their descriptions or tagging their stories properly, so I was blindsided every time. Including with the original fic. And so I stopped reading *FoE* fics altogether, because that was like looking for a needle in a haystack. And that's awkward because most of my to-write list revolves around that setting.

With '*Fallout: Equestria*, except without the edge' having acquired a big place among the priorities after I read things for research.

Probably why my stories take place in the *Remains* storyline instead. I was so surprised by the original AU *because* that fangame is wonderfully edge-free.

**edit:** I guess the TL;DR of it would be, "||rape|| is a tragedy, *FoE* turned it into a farce."
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