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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

> There’s so much wrong with it that I keep flip-flopping on whether “Fix Abridged” would be worth the trouble of making.
> “Hey boss. The thought occurs. These changelings aren’t anything like what our employer described. Kinda seems like we’d be committing genocide here. Shouldn’t we at least have a scene where we have second thoughts about this?”
> “No. We’re supposed to be one-dimensional monsters that only exist to make Chrysalis look sympathetic.”
> “Okay… Then why did the comic go to the trouble of humanizing us?”
> “Just shut up and do your job.”
> Chrysalis: “And that’s what I meant by ‘since I was small’!”
> Twilight: “You were literally the biggest thing in the flashback.”
Lol. It does sound like it could be quite the amusing thing with a good amount of potential. Also, they were... really stupid in multiple ways in how they went about doing it.

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It feels kind of... checklist-y, in how it went about addressing it. I think it's also interesting that her logic of "take away the darkness there's nothing left" is being used, while it's also simultaneously true that, say, Chrysalis has shown pretty much next to no redeeming qualities, especially not around her or anyone she knows... it's like, it's even more apparent that her mindset behind this is contrived.

She *knows* that some can be beyond change, and she's directly seen at least one of them reject it and completely double down, but she's willing to more or less *throw her life away*, *without* consulting Spike, or *any* of her friends, on if a better way might exist, all for her, in the end, *selfish* desire to *possibly* see them change, the possible repercussions to the world be *damned* if she isn't succeeding? What would've constituted her definition of "failure?" Reaching none of them? "Only" reaching one, two of them? Far be it for the comic to address that.

It really is... an interesting way to go about it when a character is treating something that far outside of their control as a reason *they pretty much can't go on*, and the heroes are ***all*** okay with this. The implications for such a thing are... not good at ***all***, when you stop to think about it.

You probably could, alternatively, for instance, have Twilight... obsessively pursue a means of time travel, and keep going, and going, until she learns more, and then return to the present when she's done. All she has to do is keep herself hidden somehow (there are invisibility spells in canon, for instance), and observe... if you're not dealing with that Special Potion.

If it sounds implausible, you'd think Celestia would know what kingdom Tirek came from, on account of how that kidnapped unicorn incident went, and that there'd be some sort of records for where Cozy Glow had lived, somewhere... Chrysalis, I'd probably give you that one, on account of how hard it'd be to track her down during her younger years.
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