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I'd thought a bit about an old fanfic with an interesting concept, "The Ultimate Alicorn," and I think that portrayal of Tirek *never* made sense, even within the context of just S4; he probably *wouldn't* ||kill all of his leverage in an attempt to break Twilight's spirit, after she ran off to get the Amulet. He'd be more likely to torture one of them, *maybe* kill one. Tirek *doesn't* seem to be much of a gambling type, and doing what he did there, even absent the Amulet being found on Twilight's part, would've done one of two things: break her spirit... or Twilight *has nothing to lose* in her eyes, be pretty much bloodlusted, and will resort to anything, probably up to and including learning and using dark magic to kill him.||

I liked it still, but it just... isn't too logical about how contrived it is, to get to that point. It seems more like something Chrysalis might've done, but even then, I'm not sure...

...probably not the ideal thread for that. Ah well.


> *Fall of Equestria* is the one with the Caribou, right? I wasn’t aware it went beyond just one fic from just one author. Shows the attention I paid to the FIMFiction community.
Yep, got it in one, and yes, there's definitely more than one fic on the matter. A lot of stories more or less centered around killing/curb-stomping caribou somehow, too.

> Funnily enough, this reminded me of something else that launched a thousand fics. *A Canterlot Wedding* spawned its own group of accusation fics back then. The one story I remember being good, like the author merely took an opportunity to explore what-ifs and ran with it rather than, well, venting their rage (whether at the episode or its reaction fics), turns out to have included Caribou.
> As in, the species. They had nothing to do with the Caesar’s Legion 2.0 of FoE, other than (understandably) triggering several red flags among the readers when they showed up. Incidentally how I learned about FoE’s Caribou were even a thing to begin with.
...Interesting to note, and yeah, ACW did result in a lot of that stuff.

> For example, I read this one fix fic of The Mysterious Mare Do Well where after the episode, the Mane 5 throw Rainbow Dash a party to congratulate her for her heroism and during it, Dash nonchalantly says about how the whole dilemma was really making her feel and her friends felt bad for their actions. In that fic, it worked because all the characters were in-character, it didn’t make it all melodramatic with its tone and had an understanding of the episode. If “Fix” was more like that, then maybe I would see what they were coming from but the harsh and whiny tone of it all kept me away combined with the author’s ramblings.

Yeah, that sounds like a fic where it's somewhat evenhanded, doesn't devolve too far into that thing.

There were so many more *sensible* things Twilight could've done that *didn't* include turning herself to stone and giving control to Celestia and Luna. Like, she could've decided to ask Luna how to dreamwalk, for her desired purpose of understanding them (she has an *indefinite* amount of time to figure this out, if she feels so inclined, free them from stone and keep them contained another way while she figures it out, need not get them involved), or she could've brought that Deus Ex Flashback Potion from Princess Twilight Sparkle, that is, the S4 premiere, into play.

You can also try a "unite against common enemy" thing, under some circumstance, probably.

I think it might've started as art commissions, and turned into fics/spawned them. I'm not entirely sure. One of the "biggest" stories that used to be in "FOE canon," Bruised Apples, turned out to be, more or less, a grand deception on the part of the author to show how nonsensical the story was, under its established facts, how it realistically wouldn't last, if they'd even logically take over to begin with... ||so it built up to having Big Mac snap the Caribou King's neck, ultimately; he didn't see himself as a hero for doing that, after the fact.||

It fell out of canon because it's basically a rule that in FOE "canon," the caribou *cannot* lose, more or less. That's one more factor to add to why it's *loathed* so much as a setting/premise, because not only are they complete scum, even in ways that don't make sense, their entire "culture" being to dominate and degrade the other sex, but they're supposed to be too OP to lose. They're an entire race of Villain Stus.
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