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Lightning Dust in particular is a somewhat grounded, realistic sociopath, on that note. She seems unempathetic, and genuinely confused and offended when called out for that. She can enjoy, and get along with others, but her ability to actually care is just questionable.

I think in some ways, at least for me, Sombra is a character you moreso enjoy for the potential he has, rather than anything he's been portrayed as doing, as far as the show went, and then his S9 portrayal is basically the culmination/logical conclusion of that one, by violating that principle, but it was done in a way that just wasn't... quite enough? Kinda dissatisfactory in a way?

Just me though. Some people, he never amounted to anything for them, at any point, some he was fun for X period of time, but not the other, some he was always fun, and that's that covered, I think.

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> not everyone needs to have some sort of deep/tragic backstory as to why they act the way they do.

> some people are just assholes.
I honestly think it's a form of laziness, a lackluster shortcut, in some cases, to point to a tragic backstory to go "see? *This* is a *reason* they can change, because *they* were the victim at some point," rather than tackling it in a more difficult way (conversely, you can at some point choose to change when you're just a jerk, at some point in your life, find that how you were living out life was unfulfilling in some capacity, etc).

~~yes, this may strike someone as being hypocrisy, considering, but still~~
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