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That's the issue with a lot of early-show defense I think. Fandom was excited, vibrant, and happy in 2011-2012 and that really bled over into perceptions of episodes. Removing the nostalgia goggles and our newfound excitement at the show and fandom back then takes a lot of the fondly remembered magic away; that was more associated with the fandom than the early show imo. It did with me at least; as early as 2013 rewatching S1 only made me sad since the exciting magic of the finding the show and fandom had long faded and all that was left is the first season of a show struggling to find its groove. And the burnout from watching it too much in 2011 still hasn't even started to fade lol

Then there's the issue of the few still here and there that still only defend S1-2 because they're obsessed with Faust for some reason and don't like anything she didn't directly have a hand in. Those I think can't be reasoned with.
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