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Flop it to the princess
S1 of pone is better than the entire run of most shows so I ain't complaining that much. I actually hate comparing seasons as a whole since there are plenty of episodes that feel way more suited to another season than the season they're in.

There's a good bit of individual character development in S1 but going back from now to a season with basically just the main cast, a few now-regulars as one-offs, and few episodes outside of immediate Ponyville still feels a little odd. Reminder that the first season started more than a DECADE ago lmao
A lo
t of the 'unwatchable' is due to being burned out; I hit pone soooo hard in 2011 that I watched the first season five or six times waiting on S2 and got so burned out that I still haven't recovered. Complaints about the overall direction of s1 in retrospect still stand but again, it was good enough for me to watch it enough to be permanently sick of it so that's an accomplishment lol
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