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Flop it to the princess
Nothing wrong with liking S1 and tea parties, dresses, etc. It obviously got me into the show and my opinions are completely subjective and limited to myself. But it's completely unwatchable to me now after the vastly expanded world we got later on and I can't even sit though a season one episode anymore aside from Sonic Rainboom. That of course is personal preference; anyone is absolutely free to happily enjoy S1 as much as they like, and develop whatever equally subjective opinions they wish.

I indeed vastly changed my opinions on seasons in retrospect. Nothing wrong with that.
quite like slice of life episodes, perhaps even more so than the adventure ones, but slice of life with well established adult characters as per S2+. I'd quite rather see the adult mane six, say, try to reconnect with their younger siblings a la later season episodes, or a standard day in the life, instead of acting like they don't even know each other.

All opinions are subjective of course but the art quality no one can deny improved as the animators gained more experience.

I woulda liked to see more arcs that didn't involve saving the world from the monster of the week in all honesty but something with more depth than an annual gala dress party at a castle anyone could visit anytime they wished.

Then again, that's probably asking an unfair lot from a kid's show that is perfectly acceptable for its corporate target audience no matter what it did.
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