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I just don't want MLP to be forgotten (not even G4) to the point where people outside the fandom act like Danny Devito when it comes to Pokemon. (As in people asking what is MLP and why do people like it in disgust.)

It doesn't matter if people have legit reasons to criticize the episodes or lose interest in the show after Season 3, but it feels like they want MLP to be forgotten just because of bad episodes or bad changes. Same happening with other shows that I won't mention because this thread is all about MLP.

I am just bitter that the movie's failure has to do with the franchise being niche and lesser-known to be attracted to audiences in theatres. A sequel would have helped redeem Hasbro in the film industry since most of their films were F'd in the a by critics according to Rotten Tomatoes. (And the marketing by Lionsgate and the fact that it leaked the posters and the movie just didn't help the case either. And No offense, but I don't care if you didn't like the film, it's your opinion.)
Because of that, I'm worried that the reboot movie coming in 2021 might do the same thing again regardless since people prefer seeing MLP in little tiny TVs rather than big projector screens and, again, the franchise is niche.
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