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POLL: Which holiday special is better?

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Twinkle Wish Adventure
50.00% 1 vote
Winter Wishday
50.00% 1 vote

Poll ends . 2 votes cast so far.

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Out the least liked MLP holiday specials, which one do you like more? Twinkle Wish Adventure or Winter Wishday?
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For those who haven’t …

Twinkle Wish Adventure

My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure is a direct-to-video animated film produced by SD Entertainment and distributed by Shout! Factory in collaboration with Hasbro. The film was released on October 13, 2009, in promoting the Core 7 toy line and is the final film released during the third incarnation of the My Little Pony franchise before Hasbro moved on to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic in 2010.
Alongside Crystal Princess: The Runaway Rainbow and The Princess Promenade, the film premiered on August 8, 2014, on the Hub Network after its “My Little Pony Mega Mare-athon”.[1] According to Broadway World, the “Mega Mare-athon” itself drew in 5.4 million viewers and has earned significant delivery growth on every demographic: Kids 2-11 (+134%), Girls 2-11 (+179%), Kids 6-11 (+169%), Girls 6-11 (+216%), Adults 18-49 (+111%), Women 18-49 (+146%), Adults 25-54 (+74%), Women 25-54 (+76%), Persons 2+ (+124%) and Households (+98%).

Plot summary

The Winter Wishes Festival is finally coming and all of the ponies in Ponyville are excited to see Twinkle Wish, a wishing star who grants each pony one special wish. However, after Twinkle Wish gets kidnapped by a dragon named Whimsey Weatherbe, the entire event is facing a big dilemma and it’s up to Pinkie Pie and her friends to get her back before the night of the festival. Otherwise, everyone’s wishes won’t be granted, and the festival would be ruined.
At the end of the film, it turns out that Whimsey simply wanted Twinkle Wish as a companion to play with, rather than intending any harm on her. After Pinkie and her friends fail to convince Whimsey to give her back, the dragon has a change of heart and gives Twinkle Wish back to them, just in time for the festival. Everyone’s wishes are granted in the process and the festival gets to happen after all, to everybody’s happiness.

Winter Wishday

Winter Wishday was announced via Business Wire on February 17, 2022.
A 12-second clip of the special was featured in Netflix’s “New on Netflix - November 2022” promotional video on October 26, 2022.
The special’s official trailer was uploaded to the My Little Pony Official YouTube channel on November 11, 2022. A 2-minute clip of the special was uploaded to the Netflix After School YouTube channel on November 12. Two additional clips were uploaded to the same YouTube channel on November 16 and November 17 respectively.


The special begins in Maretime Bay during a snowy winter, with Earth ponies, Pegasi, and unicorns celebrating the holiday of Winter Wishday. At the Crystal Brighthouse, the Mane 5 are having a Wishday party, with Sunny Starscout sharing her plan to exchange gifts with her friends under the annual Wishing Star.
However, each of her friends has their own holiday obligations: Hitch Trailblazer plans to visit his grandmother Figgy, Izzy Moonbow has to attend the last night of the multi-day unicorn celebration of Wishiehoof in Bridlewood, and Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm are participating in a royal concert in Zephyr Heights for the Pegasus holiday of Wishentine. Despite the Mane 5’s overlapping plans, Sunny believes they can celebrate each other’s holiday plans and make it back to Maretime Bay in time to exchange gifts under the Wishing Star.
To accomplish this, especially during a snowfall that is atypical for Maretime Bay, Izzy and Zipp present the broken-down tram car Izzy found in the Make Your Mark episode Have You Seen This Dragon?, which they have since been repurposing into a method of flight travel. When the Mane 5 express how excited they are to celebrate the holidays together, Sunny’s magic lantern reacts to their combined friendship magic and becomes a power source for the tram car, transforming it into a lavish flying car that Izzy names the “Mare Stream”.
For me, the question is easy to answer, because of this song.
Seriously, stay to the end of the video. It’s worth it.
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