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So, the latest Pony Life short came out and I just want to vent for a bit. Feel free to ignore it, I just feel like I need to get it out of my system.

They've dumbed down Pinkie Pie even further, by which I mean they literally made her dumber. And I know it's just a silly little stop motion short that doesn't have to be completely representative of the characters, but it just kind of the last drop for me. Ever since… I wanna say, season 4, the way Pinkie Pie was portrayed have been changing and not in a direction that I was happy with, but it wasn't a drastic difference and "if I squint a bit" I could pretend it's not there, but not in this short. I explain a bit the change I'm talking about. So, Pinkie Pie always had some weirdness about her — she would sometimes do seemingly random things that aren't fitting to a situation that's happening. But in early seasons it was done as such that: first, it actually looked random and made you go "what?", that's why other characters have adopted the policy "Pinkie being Pinkie", because no one can think of any other explanation, and second, is that in situations when what Pinkie is doing actually becomes understandable, turns out she was actually doing something helpful and even smart. Which lead to all those "is Pinkie secretly a genius" or "is she secretly a god" discussions. But starting seasons 4, or maybe even season 3, they started writing her randomness differently. Now, instead of it being "completely random, but ones you understand it's kinda smart", now she's just acting like a child — drawing with crayons in a middle of a crisis, getting distracted by food and butterflies, and so on. So now it's not "maybe she's a genius", it's "oh, she's a 5 year old". But outside of those moments Pinkie still was intelligent and was even becoming a bit more mature in the way she deals with things, so that's why I was kinda able to squint and pretend that writers aren't just making Pinkie dumber… but not in this short. Here she's just 100% 5 year old who got excited by shiny bottles and thought colorful water be tasty……… just… kill me… *faceplants into the keyboard*
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The part that hurts the most is the thought that writers and/or producers don't understand who Pinkie is as a character anymore, that she's not just childish, that the way her randomness was — was an important part of her. And this short leaning so hard on "she's a 5 year old" style of comedy really makes me think that they don't understand, that for them she is just a 5 year old.
*goes back to being faceplanted into the keyboard*
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Well, the problem has started in G4 and already was arguably pretty bad in last couple of seasons. This short just reminded me of it by being the strongest example of the problem, the purest form of it, if you will.

This part isn't even about Pinkie specifically, so I decided to spoiler it.
I wish Hasbro would stop reusing mane six (which I know they won't, both Pony Life and G5 will have them). First, I sense that every time they'll reuse them they will mangle their characters even further from what they originally were, and second, reusing mane six just because they are popular and likable sounds just a little bit like an admission of creative bankruptcy, like "are you crazy? it's not possible to create another set of popular and likable characters".

*back to face-keyboard position*
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