people who are sayin the show is becoming more like 3.5...

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I don’t see Rainbow Dash with diapers on the actual show. Where’d they get this idea?
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Yeah, cuz I watched MLP Fever channel, she thought the first G5 movie was quite good but a bit messy, but later series are downgrades and yet, she managed to watch it to make “in the nutshell” animations, and that sums it up.
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I really liked the movie; mores than even I thought I would. The series feels very low-effort low-budget weak-writing because children’s show though. It almost feels as though the movie takes part in a completely different continuity than the show, given the major tonal and theme shifts between the two.
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G5 feels more like to G4 what G1.5 was to G1.
Instead of Ponies being in a compete fairytale setting ride with magic and spiel. You have Ponies living in a mostly modern environment dealing with mostly modern-ish issues.
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