Opinions on what happened in The Ending of the End

Poll results: What do you think should have happened?

I'm satisfied with how the finale played out.
40.00% 4 votes
Other (please explain)
30.00% 3 votes
The villains were rightly punished, but Discord should've been punished, too.
20.00% 2 votes
The villains should've been redeemd, but Discord doesn't need punishment.
10.00% 1 vote
The villains should've been redeemed and Discord should've been punished.
0.00% 0 votes

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I started this forum because I want to see what the general consensus is on what happened in The Ending of the End regarding the villains not being reformed and Discord not being punished for his plan. Voting is open for two months.
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Also, sorry for misspelling 'redeemed' in the 'The villains should've been redeemed, but Discord doesn't need punishment' option.
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My thoughts on this episode are the same as somebody called SaveG4MLP. If you don’t know who they are, check Twitter.
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It's complicated. The one thing I know for certain is that I didn't like the series finale and I don't know what it would take to change that.

I've seen people suggest that Discord shouldn't have gotten to decide the punishment for the villains after he was the one who unleashed them to start with, and I agree, but I wouldn't have the liked the episode more if he hadn't.

Others have said that Discord shouldn't have gotten his magic back as punishment for what he'd done, and I agree with that too. Whether his magic was lost by accident or withheld from him, it would have been a fitting punishment and I would have liked the episode more, but I don't know that I'd have liked the finale overall with just that change.

I didn't want to see the villains redeemed, but the show already made it clear in Frenemies that they weren't beyond the power of friendship and having the plot take a sharp turn away from setting them on the course to rehabilitation was unsatisfying and inconsistent with the show's core values of friendship, at least it was without any examination about when you have to stop trying to help someone who refuses to be helped or something similar.
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My thoughts on this episode are the same as somebody called SaveG4MLP. If you don’t know who they are, check Twitter.

So wrong then.
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I think the fandom is too focused on redemption. You can still give a completely irredeemable character a satisfying ending; just look at Thanos. What might have been interesting is a sort of "walk away" ending, where Cozy Glow and Tirek decide that conquering Equestria just isn't worth it, but that their friendship might be.

More than anything else, the problem is with structure and perspective. To redeem Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Chrysalis, you would need a scenario where they were the heroes of their own story. And they were for a time. They were the ones with the arc, and all of the tension came from what would happen to them and Grogar. Ultimately, the problem is that The Ending of The End had to act as the conclusion for Tirek, Cozy Glow and Chrysalis' arc, and it had to serve as the climactic final battle for the series. This is way too much to fit into 44 minutes. If they had focused on completing The Trio's journey, it would have been weird that The Mane Six weren't the heroes of the final battle.

So we ended up with this weird scenario where their journey isn't resolved, it just sort of stops. The big "moment of truth" all their episodes had been building up to happens in the first five minutes. You can redeem "The Dragon", but you can't redeem "The Big Bad" (At least, the show can't). The moment they betrayed Grogar, they became "The Big Bad". This instantly killed all the tension, and any ambiguity on the ending was gone. I still had a good time, but it was a pretty shallow pair of episodes.

I think the decision to petrify them works. If you don't need The Trio to be redeemed, then that's all you need. If you do, then they're in stasis with no time limit, and the possibilities for redeeming them are endless.

As for the Grogar Twist itself, I kind of like it in a meta sense. Without some kind of contrivance, there wouldn't have been a final battle in the first place, so it might as well have been an in-universe contrivance that's in-character. But I don't actually like it like it. Celestia and Luna deciding to not give Discord his powers back would have been both fitting and hilarious.
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