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I could go on about the Grogar twist but that seems useless, MisAnthroPony already explained everything perfectly in his video.
What i wanna talk about how the trio acted like completely different characters. In their individual episodes they had a bond between them even if they did not like to admit it, only then to throw it away in the finale and make them into bickering kids (Cozy Glow is a kid but she supposed to know better). Where did that bond go? Seemed like the writers only did that just because they wanted to make our so called "heroes" look good. But why did they make them bonding with each other bin the foirst place? What was the point of that? Nevermind the fact Applejack and Rainbow Dash bickered too often but they live together in the future. Seriously, season eight and nine isare the "seasons of OOC's", they managed to make every single character into not themselves.
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