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I’m actually surprised the fandom hasn’t been threatening to burn Hitch at the stake yet for the sake of shipping.
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Won’t applebloom be dead by the time g5 comes out, assuming they’re still even in the same universe?
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Even if Hitch were to be revealed as Sunny’s brother, there will still be shipping. I’m still unsure if he’ll even be a main character and not a secondary character.
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Even if Hitch were to be revealed as Sunny’s brother, there will still be shipping. I’m still unsure if he’ll even be a main character and not a secondary character.
Well, let’s wait and see.
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One Minute to Midnight
Always nice to talk about M/M ships (in part because, uh, boys ❤). Some of my favorites are Stygian x Flash Magnus, Soarin’ x Thunderlane, Thorax x Pharynx, Star Bright x Silver Script (especially this one, I envision it like Lyrabon but with husband horses - “goldensnack” is a nice background pairing too but it doesn’t click with me as much), Troubleshoes x Braeburn, Rumble x Button Mash, and a multitude of various rule 63 ships.
Some other ones that I enjoy seeing here and there, but that aren’t my figureheads… any combination of Sunburst, Shining Armor, and Flash Sentry is pretty cute to me. Gallbar is cute but I do appreciate Yonabar and Gallstream too so I’m a bit split. Stygian’s kinda cute with Sombra too based off of snowberry’s (NSFW) pictures. Oh, and Garble x Fizzle is a fun one.
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Dragonball Girlfriends
I’m all for opposites attract but sometimes I feel like the opposites are too extreme for the characters involved to find enough common ground for a stable relationship. Like when they share almost 0 common interests or goals.
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Time to get spooky
I feel that with Rarity and AJ. I ask myself where they would live, and I can’t see them making a compromise that would make both happy. Same with Dash and Flutters.
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