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Monocle Gentlesir
the same could very well be said for other ships.  
so far, there are about 62 Flutterlestia pics & they only pop up every few weeks or months & such like a few other shippings with under 100 pics. whereas a lot of others have slightly more & they come up aver day, week & month or something.
not really sure what my own point is but to sum it up, it’s still very underrated.
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Dragonball Girlfriends
I sorta want to get back into my next gen. But only sorta. I got burnt out due to the deafening lack of interest.
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nobody's favorite
I honestly don’‘t see it. I really feel like Gallus and Sandbar is something of a marriage of convenience, since they’re the only two guys in the Student Six, and the Student Six rarely interact with characters aside from each other and the Mane 6 (Smolder and Spike being the exception). I feel like Gallus could ship well with Rumble, even better with Scootaloo if you don’t mind the straightness. Not so sure who to pair Sandbar with (maybe Terramar?), but I’ve never found him particularly interesting in the first place, and I’m sure those who do like him would have an easier time making a match.
In all fairness, when you’ve got a show revolving mostly around female characters and a largely-male segment of the fanbase doing the shipping, you have to expect that sort of thing.

Yeah, I mean… I really don’t ship them, none of the students have enough 1-on-1 interactions to be shipped.
There are some glances here and there likes Gallus-Silverstream and Smolder-Spike, but they’re not particularly fueled in my opinion.
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