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Naming Fluttershy's Parents, Trixie's Mom, and the Sphinx


Sunset Shimmer
I was the one who said Spectacle Showcase, Darth Shy.
For some reason my post doesn't seem to be here anymore or I'm constantly over looking it.
If someone could show me it that'd be great.
But that was my suggestion was Spectacle Showcase.

And it's cause she was referred to as "Spectacle" or "Showcase" in some cases.

So I thought combining the two names was perfect, thus Spectacle Showcase.
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Trixie’s personal slave
Fluttershy’s parents: Posey Shy and Cloudy Breeze work

The Sphinx is The Sphinx

For Trixie’s Mom — the name Sunflower Spectacle really encompasses the family’s traits

spectacle noun [ C ] (UNUSUAL EVENT)

an unusual or unexpected event or situation that attracts attention:

She made a spectacle of herself (= behaved in a way that attracted attention and made her look ridiculous).
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Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta

I put forward these suggestions that way because their kids also have different second elements to their names too, and if both had the same second element, Zephyr's name would be the anomaly. i remembered that it is possible for the daughters of a certain couple to have the mother's surname and the sons to have the father's surname. That was rather common, for example, in Portugal, until the 19th century.
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@Wispy Tuft
I doubt it would be since these names are fanmade, not offical. We have a background pony named Doctor Whooves (the comics get around legal loopholes by calling him Time Turner).

That's a good question. I'm rather curious too.
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