Naming Fluttershy's Parents, Trixie's Mom, and the Sphinx

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Any chance of sphinx (character) being added there? I know there were a lot of people asking for no change, and this is the best way of handling that and still allowing sphinx OCs as a species.

It's not listed (nor are the other current tags) because all of the current generic tags are already assumed to be on the final poll, per the OP (so they never needed to be suggested in the first place):

Sphinx (Character)
Trixie's Mom
Mr. Shy
Mrs. Shy
Background Pony #FF7C

@Wispy Tuft

She doesn’t follow anything in particular. She’s a pop culture hybrid. People think Egypt when they hear sphinx. When people think about what a sphinx does? Greek. The Greek sphinx has more story than the Egyptian ones.

The Sphinx is a Greek sphinx with Egyptian style. In universe she’s not a titan or the pet of gods. She’s just a sphinx, just one of a whole species it’s pretty safe to assume.

If she had to have an name I think it might be best to have it not inspired by anything. Just a name. That’s all we need. I name that fits.
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Adan Druego

[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001
Just wondering if anyone's suggested "Alexandria" for the Sphinx?

Trixie's mom = Golden Select

Mr.Shy = Snowy Globe
Mrs.Shy = Serene Breeze

The Sphinx = Nile Delta
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Terminal Red

Beatrice Sunnyflower. I'm really warming up to it now. I can content myself with having helped with the first name and Tex knocked it out of the ballpark with that surname.

It ties her closer to Trixie, uses a real name and incorporates her sun flower theme. It fits almost all the recommended criteria.

Plus, I'm a sucker for the contrast between the sun and moon. Beatrice Sunnyflower and Trixie Lulamoon? Genius.
Background Pony #1065
Beatrix sounds good (and has "trix" in it). But Sunnyflower feels like just a description of her cutie mark. Earlier I suggested Sundazzle (because of the sunflower cutie mark and because of the whole "razzle dazzle" thing). So maybe Beatrix Sundazzle?
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