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Naming Background Ponies Thread!

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Green afro pony has been around since the movie and AFAIK he hasn’t been given a name yet, official or otherwise.
I have two suggestions (1 as a joke name the other a more serious one)
Brock Ali for the pun name (since i;ve seen a few people joke that he looks like a piece of broccoli
Bongo Beats for the serious name (he played the bongos in the movie and his CM is a pair of bongos)
Background Pony #CDC1

Sky Heights (his cutie mark’s a kite, but I can’t think of any good kite-based puns…)

Aqua Fizz (the description also suggests Ocean Water or Ocean Blue)

The description says that a bubblegum-based name would be good for her, so how about Bubblegum Lily?
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