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Naming Background Ponies Thread!

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Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta
Alright, more suggestions:

Burning Hourglass, Sandlgass, Autumn Glass, Cinnamon Maple

Peacock Cupcake, Custard, Frosted Cupcake, Taffy Parade
#681, #682, #683, #684

Blue stallion: Night Dawn, Midnight Sky, Blue Flare, Midnight Shore  
Brown mare: Pumpkin Sprinkle, Strawberry Icing, Strawberry Cake, Autumn Granola  
White mare: Blossom Wish, Velvet Grape, Silver Mist, Foggy Barrette  
Brown stallion: ?

Perry Winkle, Yesterdaisy, Cream Cheese Icing

Seashine, Misty Dreams, Spring Mist, Sprinkle Batte

Candyland, Mint Taffy, Sweet Mint, Blooming Bog

Auburn Bliss, Blueberry Pancake, Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Florist, Spring Petals, Spring Meadow, Ceramic Wheel

Shadow Wash, Blue Daze, Dazed and Confused, Groggy Token
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