MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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I hope we don’t get another delay, since they might have delayed this special so that it can be released in as close conjunction as possible with the first issue of Set Your Sail’s release. Guess when that comes out? Next week. Very happy to have some sort of an idea of what’s going on again though and I’m excited to see seaponies in the show.
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Noticed the YouTube title said “S2E00 undefined”.
The video said “The BlockyWockys”.
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Barely a minute into the special, and it makes me wish TYT were the only G5 show, with a 22 minute runtime.
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  1. Posey has been stockholmed into enjoying the Mane 6’s antics. Also this adds to the confusion on whether or not musical numbers are supposed to be diegetic in this franchise.
  2. I kind of already find Allura more interesting than Opaline…low bar, but still.
  3. Izzy has a new girlfriend.
    Also Seaponies hold laughter in high regard because of Pinkie, no you can’t change my mind
  4. Nice to get a new location in Maretime Bay.
  5. The Captain Planet roll-call is a little more bearable in a 20 minute special. Wish we could get longer runtimes more often for TYT.
  6. Definitely one of the better depictions of Izzy in TYT.
Fun special, though I wouldn’t have minded more focus of Allura or the Seaponies.
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Where there any G4 references or did they stay clean of that unlike with Make Your Mark?
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It’s a great special. However, I feel slightly disappointed about the fact that seaponies only appear in a very short timespan (just two minutes of the 20-minute special), and it’s only Destiny.
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IMO, the special is proof that TYT should have been the only G5 show, and had a 22 minute runtime.
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