MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Does anyone realize that the portal to Starlight Ridge is gone now, and that Comet and Allura are stuck in Equestria?
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i still feel like i missed something when Violette is in the show all of a sudden, so can I please know where I can see how and why she’s there all of a sudden.
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We got our ponies, they just aren’t speaking English.
I know a couple of people who learned English through ponies, this is your opportunity to learn a new language!
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If they go to Skyros do you think we will see Twilight and the other G4 alicorns or we will get a bunch of new alicorns?
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The last three TYT 2.0 episodes rekindle the interest that was lost after the end of MYM, where it was discovered that there is a lot of new lore that has not been answered; we see, among other things, that the ponies’ magic is more profound than thought.
In the first episode, E05, Misty found a portal leading to what could only have been the “control room” in the Crystal Brighthouse, which we know was created by the Unity Crystals in response to the Mane 5’s emotional reaction to the destruction of the lighthouse. The building itself is a magical construction.
There is a mysterious entity that spoke to Misty in the room called “Misty-rious New Room”, with a female voice - once again revealed that there is an intelligence in the Unity Crystals.
What made Misty able to get to the room is because she is the last in the New Mane 6 and because her element is perhaps the strongest. It was probably elemental magic we see around Misty like when a butterfly binds itself to her cutie mark.
And there are many hints that the magic behind the Unity Crystals is portal magic, not least the possibility that the symbol on the floor is after Star Swirl the Bearded’s cutie mark. His cutie mark was only once, if I remember correctly, shown in public. (in the TV series)
We know Twilight created the Unity Crystals, it wouldn’t be surprising if she had devoted much of her work to her role model and mentor, especially if portal magic is involved. Star Swirl was famous - and infamous - for his expertise in portal magic.
These windows are very interesting; we see here a G1/G4 view, where events from G1 clothed in the new world are shown on the windows as with Tirac and the Smooze. The window with Tirac shows three ponies confronting him - a pegasus, a unicorn and an earth pony. The pegasus looks like Firefly from G1. The second window showing the Smooze and winged ponies, probably flutter ponies, along with the rainbow beam from the locket. And at the end, Celestia and Luna together with the six elements from the harmony tree are shown where they confront Discord.
The “control room” was possibly only accessible to those with elemental magic who responded best, like Misty who was able to control her element in a short time. And it is possible that she was chosen as the best candidate as the guardian of the Crystal Brighthouse. This does not apply to Sunny, which may mean that she is meant for other things.
The second episode, E06, is also interesting. For the first time, an IDW pony has crossed the landscape from the comics to the TV, and of course it should be Violette who is Izzy’s student.
There are similarities between the pegasi who combined their magic to bring water out of the lake, and the breezies who create a vortex that can act as a sort of portal by combining their magic. We now know that the breezies had never lost their magic, and that they had hidden themselves until the ponies regained their magic and reactivated the together tree in Bridlewood, but they too have become a mysterious people.
The unicorns and the breezies had lived together for a long time, so it is perhaps not surprising that Violette knew about the Swirlpool Starlight, a ceremony that happened every ten years. Probably the unicorns had remembered this as soon as the breezies had returned - and maybe Opaline’s destruction of all spells in all of Equestria was involved. It has been speculated whether the ponies were subjected to memory manipulation spells. Which is probably gone, since Opaline took everything away when she “cleansed” Equestria of active spells.
Anyway, it’s easy to see that the vortex leads the unicorns to a mysterious place where their memories manifest to them. The “dreamscape” as some call it, reminds of a different dimension - just like in the ethereal space full of stars and nebulae where Twilight Sparkle becomes an alicorn in G4 S3 E13. I think this might be “heaven” or at least the source of all pony magic. There ponies can witness the past, present and future with the help of their magic which may have been linked with the Ponykind’s collective magic. And as Misty found out, could be helpful in personal disputes.
This means that the breezies have a much larger and more important role than assumed for the ponies, perhaps because they are in connection with their past, and may be in the lead with mysterious powers. After all, they had been responsible for the ponies’ most powerful magical object, the locket of Rainbow of Light, which could even overcome overpowered alicorns.
And so we have come to the third episode; E07 which is about Sunny and her acceptance of her role as an alicorn, we unfortunately see little of Spike - who should appear as soon as possible in TYT - but we know that Opaline had left a castle in ruins. I thought the castle was completely smashed by the together tree, but we don’t see the tree. Maybe it can “pull away” into the soil?
Sunny of course found the remains of the library - but unfortunately the castle fell before she and Zipp could retrieve more. What she did find, however, is a magical tapestry that Opaline may have brought with her as a memento after she was banished to Equestria, showing five alicorns flying in the sky with floating islands. Floating islands with mountains, rainbows and forests. These exist.
Also, we see that the tapesty changes in contact with Sunny’s magic, and then it changed into a symbol in the middle. The symbol of magic. It’s easy to forget that Twilight Sparkle’s cutie mark actually holds the symbol of magic, the five-pointed star - because she preferred to use the six-pointed star as a public symbol of her government and then her entire cutie mark as a personal symbol of herself and friendship.
But it is not only the symbol of magic; the five alicorns gather around the star that got the underlying pointed, so that it becomes very similar to Twilight Sparkle’s cutie mark. Opaline will never keep anything that has her enemy’s cutie mark, so the tapesty possibly reacts to Sunny’s alicorn magic, revealing that there are other alicorns out there.
Five alicorns and then a sixth symbol created by these alicorns, five become six, which suggests that the number six is magical, and that it arises through five elements. We know from G4 in the first season that when the five elements are gathered, the sixth element will emerge when the magical conditions allow it. Here this has been repeated, and in a way illustrate the whole story of G5, the Mane 5 becoming the New Mane 6 during the first trial, as when the heroines of G4 confronted Nightmare Moon.
There is a story here, which may be very old.
Sunny salvaged the tapesty which may become important if they are to search for Skyros, which we can safely say is very similar to our own Skyros in the human world - a mountainous and rocky island with an ocean around it; but with an important difference; the sea is the sky because Skyros can be a floating island.
Then it means that Skyros is very far away - we only have one possible account of floating islands in G4, and it was with dragons that we know wandered around the world between countries that they call the “dragon lands”. At least two localities are known, perhaps there is one locality per continent - and we now know that there are probably three continents and one large island (Scaly Islands) in the world.
Skyros may even be on the other side of the world.
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Flurry Heart can’t comeback because her rights are own still not by Hasbro but by Discovery Family at least till 2025
Perhaps Cooks will make an exception. But when we look at the lore of the Ponyverse - available through “Winged Unicorn” at TV Tropes - it becomes obvious that there is a lot that could be picked out without having to get within S4-S9 from G4.
The first alicorn oddly enough is Baby Surprise in G1 (My Little Pony: Escape From Catrina), a production error - but the first unicorn to get wings was Dazzleglow from the My Little Pony Tales episode “Up, Up and Away” in 1992. Others were Copper Glow, Silver Glow, Golden Glow, and Diamond Glow. Perhaps the very first alicorns were of “the Glow generation”? (my head canon). Wait. Glow? isn’t the pegasus filly from S8 Cozy GLOW? Is it possible that the personal hypothesis that Cozy Glow came from Skyros after being stripped of her alicorn powers is not impossible?
Then we have several unknown alicorns from G4 in addition to the known ones; Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Fluffy Heart, Twilight and Cozy Glow. These are mentioned in the episodes “Hearts and Hooves Day” and “Stranger Than Fan Fiction”, the Tie-In Novel “The Journal of the Two Sisters”. From IDW comics we only have one alicorn (apart from Pinkie, but it’s probably not canon due to the end of S9 when she got a magical overdose), “Queen Parabola” who was supposed to be a zebra (?). In the toy front, several are known; Princess Skyla, Princess Sterling and Princess Gold Lily.
We probably have five G2 alicorns and four or five G4 alicorns in addition to the six known alicorns from G4. In G5 we have two known alicorns; Opaline and Sunny, and the last episode revealed that there are more out there. We still do not know how the celestial bodies could move even though it has been seen that the moon is very strongly magically charged, and the mysterious star which is the Wishing Star, has still not been explained to us.
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Tell that to our most “trusted” leaker
Okay, that is just rude. You are aware that mdash has no obligation to tell us anything and could be reading this thread as we speak, right? It’s not mdash’s fault if you take a “maybe” as a “yes” or a “probably”. If you don’t like “hopium”, simply don’t read it or trust it if you stumble upon it. You’re not being promised anything by mdash or me.
Anyway, I’ll watch the new TYT today when it comes out in English. Right now, I’m just laughing at this mess-up and enjoying the fact that it’s a Sunny episode.
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@Background Pony #6D02
Also I remember the A New Generation movie went into production before the start of season 9 I believe
You can say probably that the events of season 9 aren’t canon to G5 as a excuse
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