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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #E8C9
Sprout: Ranger too maybe. Because he was a deputy and has plant powers. I’d like to put him under fighter, but his plant powers kind-of put a hamper on that.
Misty: Warlock. Opaline could be considered her patron, and she serves her under the promise of getting a cutie mark.
Background Pony #DAFE
Some more info from the leaker about Bridlewoodstock
-misty and opaline dont show
-it’s a 40th anniversary special
-its written by Gillian Berrow & Tony Fleecs
-they think its awesome
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Background Pony #B4CF
misty and opaline dont show
But, but she has a toys in there with zipp and pipp
it’s a 40th anniversary special
Hmm, ok. Maybe posey acting as gateway of all Gx?
its written by Gillian Berrow & Tony Fleecs
MYM Core Writers
they think its awesome
What do you mean? Misty and opaline doesn’t show. Or They Will make Minty make a plane into space to meet galaxy ponies?
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Background Pony #DAFE
@Background Pony #B4CF
Toys not being accurate to the show is very common. As to why there’s no sunny and izzy? shrug
Also they quote “think Bridlewoodstock is awesome and people are gonna love it”
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Jonny Manz
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I suppose it makes sense that they wouldn’t show up in a special not directly related to the core plot (after all, they didn’t show up in Winter Wishday either) - but I assume they’ll be a part of the normal episode proceedings that are rumored to be released at the same time as the special?
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Background Pony #DAFE
@Jonny Manz
Likely yeah. Ch 4 is a special and episode batch.
This is just my own speculation but I think bws is gonna be the first ep then the rest will be plot, ending with the stolen cutie mark cliffhanger
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