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Background Pony #3F82
Comic 9 out today, be wary of spoilers and lore
Have now finished reading the issue. Strange. What was seen with the # 6 cover has been repeated - the cover revealed the contents, but heavily twisted as if it were assumed that a message had come to Sunny with the Unity Crystals. Instead, it turned out that Fluttershy had left a message that the Mane 5 found in a crystal. The cover of #9 which showed a broken mirror with the faces of the Mane 5 as a sign of division, suggested that Discord had manipulated them. Instead, things happen differently, Izzy started a debate that triggered a friendship problem. The MLP ponies are very socially minded compared to us humans, but they have greater communication problems than we do.
The whole content of the Discord Arc was not to test the Mane 5, but a spontaneously arising friendship problem about the advantages and disadvantages of magic and different characteristics from pony to pony. And again it is far too short, very short. Only twenty pages in the issue. Discord left the Mane 5 in a bind that they’ll probably break out of in the next issue, and they might manage to bring Fluttershy’s message to him. But what is revealed in p. 21 is proof that Discord had been monitoring the Mane 5 after they started hunting him. So the hypothesis that the whole plot is to test the Mane 5 is not rejected. He will surely wait until the last moment to see if his hopes will come true and give in, not least when he hears Fluttershy’s voice for perhaps the first time in centuries.
So what the cover # 10 promises us, it’s going to be quite interesting to see what the issue hides from us. But after that, Discord will disappear, because we saw in #6 that he plans his own Endgame regardless of the outcome of the arc. And he will certainly say as little as possible about what happened to him. Or who was responsible for his injuries.
But oh my god; we need a bit more of an adult angle in the plot work, it has become more G3 than G4, as we had been looking forward to a bit more G1 than G4.
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Background Pony #3F82
@Background Pony #3F82
The only way they can canonize the comics is if g5 has other cat & bird people, other zebras and nice-looking diamond dogs.
The abyssinians and the ornithians are from the G4 movie, the zebras are from G1, and the diamond dogs from the G4 are fair play for the G5 teams, who would like to cherry pick whatever they want from the IDW comics. A global society that Twilight may have indirectly ruled not as empress, but as some sort of answer to our world’s UN Secretary General, will have many different Kinds in addition to the Ponykind. Assume a couple to three dozen in all; the griffons, the dragons and the zebras as most mentioned.
From S9 we know that Twilight had sent Spike out to mediate between different realms not only as her ambassador but also as a world diplomat. This shows that Twilight led a very active foreign policy in contrast to Celestia who partly isolated Equestria, partly maintained diplomatic ties with other realms. Ever since Twilight met Zecora the zebra, she had been curious about what lay outside of Equestria, and when the Storm King was defeated, she had realized that the ponies had to go out into the world.
The license plate in the G5 movie showed 12 stars after “P.N” which could mean “Pony Nation”, this could prove that Equestria had been divided into twelve states. And there could be at least 12 major realms outside of Equestria that may have been under the strong influence of Twilight. Several of the races out there in the world lived in coexistence with others such as with the Farasi principalities where three peoples lived together. They may have experienced the same as the ponies after the world community collapsed. But I think they are more included in each other than in the old Equestria, even as we have seen very little of this so far in G5.
It is possible that only the ponies may have forgotten the past. If Spike is still alive and reigned over the dragons at the same time that he ruled the office after Twilight had disappeared, it would be natural if he were to be the world’s “most powerful” being. Although he is actually guarding an empty throne. The non-ponies would be happy to rejoin the world order if a new era of magical friendship is established. And it could be that Sunny, regardless of whether she becomes a princess or not, will start as Twilight’s successor.
A throne waiting for Sunny. With that single sentence, Opaline has revealed what is really at stake.
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Agreed. There’s fanservice everywhere which is a refreshing change from everybody else being pretty anti fan these days. In fact if it wasn’t for that movie G5 would be bigger than it is currently.
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The picture Tree Hugger is in below that, that’s definitely Andy Warhol. ;)
Yeah, it’s the exact same picture from that episode. Whoever worked that into the background deserves all the kudos.
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Background Pony #545C
So, are we getting a TYT episode this week, or is it only every few weeks now?
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