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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #6561
For example, they were punishing the earth ponies in MYM by gluing their hooves to the ground.
Background Pony #84E8
In my headcanon the Unity Crystals have a mind of their own. They can punish ponies or any other creature that threat harmony.
It was because the magic was unstable; the “dam” didn’t work properly - and this episode proved that all ponies actually have magic, even if their “foci” are moved to the Unity Crystals. It explains why ponies have cutie marks which we know are based on the talent magic, and they only have one instead of both flanks. They generate internal magic, but likely cannot channel it for manipulation without the assistance of the “magic pool” in the mystical dimension. This cannot be erased in a world with a magically inactive background that allowed the existence of magical creatures and basic magic.
The earth ponies didn’t get magic and we don’t yet have an answer, but maybe the hypothesis that the Unity Crystals can be manipulated and then controlled by the “chosen” can be used here. It was only after Sunny became an alicorn that the crystals assembled, possibly after being “commanded” to release the magic. But the process was not complete, a dam has floodgates to release water under control, and that may be how the magic is released through the Unity Crystals. So what Twilight may have done was to close those gates so the magic didn’t get out. Then it meant that all gates were not open at the same time.
TYT ep.18 showed what the earth ponies’ dissatisfaction would have led to if they had magic, but in MYM they only had the internal magic - which unfortunately releases emotional backlash to the Unity Crystals where the Earth Pony crystal almost burst. Some of what had happened before the Unity Crystals were created had perhaps arisen because Sunny did not know what needed to be done. It was only after she tore out the earth pony magic from the mysterious dimension that the magic stabilized, where the Unity Crystals once again functioned properly.
Perhaps the Unity Crystals were not unique, and perhaps have many floodgates for different magic meant for the entire world. But what happened when the magic disappeared was probably a total shutdown. Can only hope that Sunny has opened all the gates if this hypothesis is correct. I can think the other non-ponies also have their own Unity Crystals, but that they may have also been shut down because of Twilight.
But then it also means that if the Unity Crystals can be controlled, possibly only by those with alicorn powers, it is perhaps not so strange that Shadowy will take the pony magic for her own plans which involve creating a “perfect” Equestria. She wants to be able to decide who can and can’t have magic. She was prevented for three reasons; firstly that the Unity Crystals probably denied her, secondly the unstable magic that she couldn’t handle, and thirdly the disappearance of the magic. Twilight protected the Unity Crystals from potential tyrants like Shadowy - until a much bigger threat arrived.
Then the title “defenders of the Unity Crystals” is serious. Until the Mane 5 or others manage to make the magic immune to emotional influence so it can become completely neutral. But then someone has to dive deep into the ponies’ mysterious and dark past, and have someone on the “inside” of the dam which is a kind of “door” to the mysterious dimension from which the magic came. Maybe that’s where Twilight or Mane 6 could show up in G5.
So I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of an intelligence behind the Unity Crystals as seen when Sunny was chosen as “their” alicorn.
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House of the Arcana
So let’s see…. If the comic releases are monthly and it’ll last till issue 10 then that’ll mean:
4: August
5: September
6: October
7: November
8: December
9: January 2023
10: February 2023
The conclusion is not until next year.
Background Pony #23FB
Since the end of the movie, we have seen that ponies are much stronger in their magic than in G4, and this confuses many fans who knew that even with magic they are physically stronger than humans and a unicorn can lift a hundred to a couple of hundred kg , in the G5 they have shown something that surpassed the early ones. Like when the tram was lifted by just two unicorns. In our world, such a tram would weigh 1.5 tonnes or more. In Maretime Bay it will probably weigh 1 tonne. This means that a unicorn is several times stronger in G5 than in G4. We saw some of the same with the earth ponies after they got their magic, especially in manipulating plants, and in TYT they start to explore their physical strength. Don’t think these will surpass Big Mac which was special but they might be on the same level as him.
Had been under the belief that it’s because the ponies started all over without complicated spells so they have more “juice” for the far fewer actions one can do with magic, they were returned to the beginning of magical manipulation. But the dam theory around the Unity Crystals makes this logical, because if Twilight had closed the gates so that the magical dam lake rises with time, it means that the ponies will have greater “mana reserves” in G5 than in G4. Zipp can in theory achieve the Sonic Rainboom if she wants to, but the pegasi are at the starting point in contrast to the earth ponies and the unicorns who only need magic schools. They must first learn how.
The dam theory seems credible. Twilight knew that if there was too much negative emotional influence, it would destabilize the magic and create very dangerous effects on the surroundings. But I think it happened slower and less noticeable until it was too late, in contrast to MYM where the dam may have been at its breaking point, with too much magic. We saw the crack in the earth pony crystal. Then it means that there were higher thresholds in G4 than in G5, as there was less magic - and less emotional return. She had probably worked for a long time on the spell that she created together with her friends, and may have come up with the dam alternative.
If there is too much negative emotional return, the dam will “empty” at some point, automatically leading to a temporary shutdown, so the magic is reduced or completely stopped for certain periods of time such as a few minutes. This way the magic cannot be misused so it becomes possible to bring order among the ponies. It’s possible that the alicorns might be immune to this, so we’ll have to learn more, too about Shadowy - although Sunny was affected, possibly because she’s not yet strong enough. She is not a true alicorn, held back by her earth pony magic - she must ascend for this.
MYM shows that not all magic uses the same gates, the pegasi, the unicorns and the earth ponies got their magic from three separate “gates” - and only two were opened. Sunny opened the third and final one when she was down in the mysterious dimension. This produces opportunities; did it mean that there are several “gates” for different magic distributed to the whole world, like one for dragons, one for the kirins, one for the abyssinians? It could possibly explain why non-ponies accepted the Unity Crystals, but then it means that if Twilight was forced to shut down all the gates, so that the whole world will only have internal and inactive magic back - they might perceive this as betrayal as well to their horror of the unstable pony magic. And we don’t know if Sunny has opened all the “gates”.
If this theory is canon, the Unity Crystals are a masterpiece that only Twilight could have been behind. But it also means that these have become the world’s most important objects in the whole world, as it opens up for abuse - and Shadowy would like to have the pony magic under her power. The alicorns and the Unity Crystals have a connection, these are precisely shaped like an alicorn when put together. The spell book that Twilight had used could mean that she had used magic only meant for the alicorns who are also the only ones who can handle huge magical reserves.
That’s why Sunny got the alicorn powers, they need a “dam operator” and she may have been chosen because she espouses values ​​that the Mane 6 hold dear. Then we come to the possibility of an intelligence behind the Unity Crystals that not only held back the magic, it is also a “door”, a portal, to the mysterious dimension where all active magic exists. We don’t know what it is. But from G4 we learned about a magical dimension that others call “the Elsewhere”, where the ponies’ past, present and future merge as seen when Twilight got there after completing the Starswirl’s spell which we know was really just the last step before the ascension. It is possible that the magical dimension in G5 and the Elsewhere in G4 are the same, and then it is possible that alicorns - and perhaps ascended ponies after their death - can get there.
It can become important if the magic is to be repaired so that it will not become destructive under negative emotional influence. The Mane 5 must have someone inside the “dam”. Twilight probably wasn’t able to do that as she was under time pressure to create a solution, the most important thing was to bring the magic under control. But she may have discovered this possibility later as she researched the problem. It is possible that she may have found the solution but was unable to use it or was prevented when The Big Bad arrived. So Sunny must find the solution, and it may lead her and her friends on fantastic adventures. I believe that if the solution is to work, the very source behind the use of magic must be found and studied. No chances can be taken when it comes to the very essence of the Ponykind.
This is several thousand years into the past, perhaps all the way back to when the ponies were still just herds. We know almost nothing about the first civilizations that S10 was supposed to show glimpses of, nor about the ponies’ original homeland which may include the northeastern part of present-day Equestria and the northwestern parts of an unnamed continent. The only thing we know is that much of the lore from G1 is reused in G4’s enigmatic past which was violent, unstable and historically rich where ponies fought, cooperated and lived out their lives in the face of monsters, hostile non-ponies and each other. G5 is quite peaceful in comparison even with the antagonism between the ponies.
The Unity Crystals have become as important as the Harmony elements in G4, and will likely remain there until the magic “heals”, when the Mane 5 have completed their ambitions.
Background Pony #0AD1
Izzy beats Zipp at chess.
Izzy doesn’t even know how to play chess. She just copies what Zipp is doing, and adjusts on the fly.
Background Pony #0AD1
Or, alternatively, Izzy used to play chess with Alphabittle all the time back in Bridlewood, and Alphabittle is a REALLY good chess player.
Background Pony #2040
Is it weird I always thought memes were pronounced meh-mes until this short?
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Lost In Translation
That mechanical arm is very conspicuous. I remember how Lauren Faust made a point not to have characters use their hooves like hands as a bit of a challenge. That obviously got dropped immediately after she left. And here I am thinking that yeah, that arm would be a nice bit of technological convenience Canterlogic would come up with. But this is the only scene it appears in, so that’s like double the conspicousness.
I don’t see how Hitch could make a detour that large or pack that much. But Imma assume he’s just in it for the ham.
“That shmoogleberry pie isn’t gonna shmooglebake itself.” The only reason that line works is because Sunny is bae.
The visual comedy of Hitch pulling out a spork on what he thinks is a hostile food bush is what really sells this series. There are the obvious jokes but then there’s the little bits that fly just under the radar.
Raccoonicorns and pegasnails. Ha.
I love it when you give animal characters accents. Might as well have fun with the oddball ones.
That escalated into war pretty quick. Good going Hitch!
“No fighting. No swords. And no unbelievably adorable catapults.” Okay that one got the biggest laugh from a while out of me.
I wasn’t expecting the episode to end with them turning on the ponies but hey white and black put their differences aside to hate on green.
Been a while for a Hitch episode and we got another middling one. Best part was the jump cuts between hearing what the critters were saying from Hitch’s perspective and Sunny’s.
One Trick Pony
The more things change the more they stay the same.
Izzy immediately breaks his kayfabe. Girl really works in her own world.
Kinda the reverse Trixie with this guy. Trixie grew up in a world already with real magic and had to cut out a niche with that in mind. This guy was able to wow in a world without real magic, but then magic came back and suddenly his sleight of hand became gauche. I kinda dig that.
I probably shouldn’t but I can’t help but think these are this Gen’s CMC parallel. 3 young ponies of different tribes hanging out etc. That’s fine and all, but I was really expecting the 3 from the movie’s last scene to fill the role. Even if nobody does we still haven’t seen those 3 together yet anyway. Real shame, that.
Damn. That was such a Posey moment even without it being done by Posey.
I have a PHYSICALLY NEED! to hear that unicorn who was lifting that house to have more speaking roles.
I just realized that Ru-er, Hoofdini was the stallion Izzy accidentally size shamed a few episodes back. Back in G4 I really didn’t like how character models were constantly recycled, but since here they are actually unique I’m impressed with background characters getting the spotlight.
“Whenever I try to grow plants it takes forever and I forget to water them and they all die.” Izzy is literally me right now.
Kinda stretching the definition of recycling there but I do like how on-board Izzy is with this.
Even Izzy didn’t like where that was going. Though they did get out of the cage so either Hitch had a spare, Zipp wanted to play deputy detective again, or Hoofdini did get them out so…
That’s the second time Izzy was involved with the theft of Haven’s crown. I fully believe she’s going to be side-eying Izzy from now on. Also, Haven sure does get a lot of appearances.
Gloomy Sonnet!
NGL I almost forgot Pipp was a streamer. Being on the other end helps sells the characterization.
It’s been like 5 seconds. I almost forgot what his jingle sounded like. At least it worked good for the rescue though.
One of the Neo CMC have names! And the credits gives more names, but doesn’t specify if they are for the other 2. Meh.
Happy ending for Hoofdini but it doesn’t really address the inciting incident. He still isn’t do magic acts in a world with real magic and he’s not really doing anything he couldn’t do without control over vines. Trixie would very much disapprove.
This was a great episode. They rolled the dice making it about someone other than the mane characters and, much like with Dahlia, it worked again. I liked Hoofdini. His character arc worked denouement aside. We got some nice scenes with the Izzy, the Neo CMC, Gloomy got a speaking role, etc. They played Hoofdini’s theme too much though.
My Bananas
Just to get it out of the way, yes I am also thinking of Avatar and cabbages.
Posey started the crowd laughter. She might’ve not been the ultimate evil of the generation but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t well on her way to it.
“Epic fail” doesn’t even work when said out loud.
Thinking it over, it does make sense why Sunny would be an internet sensation. 1) she is bae, and 2) she’s a celebrity. Of course her goofs would be more memetic than some nobody. Pipp kinda touches on this later on.
That random game show bit with Posey answering “My bananas!” was a hoot, both for how fast it had to of been and for Posey to be the one to drop it. She’s just got that Bitch Swag to make these things work.
I wonder if Sunny had that bed sheet before or after she got her hair stripe?
“Or just wear a disguise and start a new life. WORKED FOR ME!” I really wonder when we’ll get an Izzy origin story. It’s, uh, shaping up to be quite a thing.
13 billion is a lot of views. Definitely enough to earn that tail wag.
Pipp is used to the spotlight. Makes sense she of all ponies would know how to handle public embarrassment.
That was a fun episode. Had a large potential to be cringe but nope it stayed wholesome. Was missing just one moment with Zipp to give the entire Mane 5 a role but eh.
Background Pony #13BA
Because the series is on Netflix, it’s most likely we’re going to get all the episodes all at once. Not only that but the series will be split into parts, 8 episodes per part I think. So there isn’t a true “season 1”. Also, 8 episodes is not enough for real word building. Because they’re probably going to be released all at once, it would ruin the watch experience we had with G4. We would have to go through mini hiatuses after the first batch of episodes.
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