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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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The latest episode is already quite nice. Well, except for the fact that I still can’t quite get used to the magic of earth ponies. Or rather, the way it is currently portrayed, at least in TYT. It seems a bit overpowered/exaggerated to me, to say the least. But that may be due to TYT’s visual style.
Don’t misunderstand. I’m very happy that earth ponies now also have a clearly visible special ability. But the way it’s being portrayed and used right now feels more like Marvel/DC superpowers to me. I can live with that. But I really have to get used to it ;-)
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The fact that Rufus was calling himself “Hoofdini” despite the fact that there already was a character called that in G4 is slightly amusing to me. It would be like nowadays being an orchestra conductor and having the stagename “Bach” or “Debussy”.
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Despite being well, gloomy, Gloomy Sonnet is still a nice and friendly pony, and has a sort of odd friendship with Izzy.
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-Joshua Graham: Sprout Cloverleaf (only in A Maretime Bay Adventure but he may return to voice the character in the Make Your Mark series because he’s a VA from Toronto as well)
-Rush Marshall: Phyllis Cloverleaf (her first name may have been misspelled in the credits for the Mane Melody episode, as I failed to find her in the internet but I found a Ruth Marshall who is an actress and lives in Toronto)
-Amanda Martinez: Queen Haven, Dazzle Feather (she may also voiced the Shadowy Alicorn, as she kinda sounded like an evil Haven)
-Andrew Jackson: Alphabittle Blossomforth, Berries
-Athena Karkanis: Zoom Zephyrwing, Fifi, Glory
-Jonathan Tan: Thunder Flap, Skye Silver, Rocky, Philly
-AJ Bridel: Onyx
-Samantha Bielanski: Jazz Hooves
-Kimberly Ann Truong: Posey Bloom
-Sara Alicia Garcia: Dahlia
-Jonathan Tan (except Foal Me Once)/JJ Gerber (Foal Me Once): Rufus
-Kaia Oz: Seashell
-Lola Kaplan: Flame
-Vanessa Sears (I may have misspelled her name)
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Have read the # 2 comic. Pointless. A waste of time and money. Just a little side story that at least confirmed the relationship between Zippy and Cloudpuff, and that the little dog is smarter than we thought, who has secrets similar to the heiress princess. A little too much of a capitalist, this dog.
Two interesting discoveries; Cloudpuff found the cave complex in the mountain that we know was partly excavated, partly naturally created - leading down to Canterlot. That was his secret. We first saw this in G4 S2, ep. 25 when Chrysalis threw Twilight into the Crystal caverns.
The second is “the Unity Summit”, judging from the luggage and the long stay, it means that Queen Haven had gone to an unknown location where she met other heads of state of the earth ponies and the unicorns. It’s obviously not Maretime Bay, which was proven in TYT when Haven and Alphabittle were seen coming there to witness the tournament in TYT 01 e.18.
It is possible that Haven, Alphabittle and Phyllis had joined forces to set up a political process to reform Equestria which was likely split into 12 states under severe isolation from each other. The others may have considered Maretime Bay with its town an “experimental field”, which may explain Haven and Alphabittle’s behavior during the TYT episode. In their eyes, Sunny needs to prove her idea of ​​unity, but that does not mean that they rejected it, they instead chose a more “mature” course - politics.
So when the main series started and the flying bus “Mare Stream” is about to come out, the three leaders have opened up Equestria for the Mane 5, that’s why the Unity Summit - which could be one of several - was held, while having the tournament under observation . They keep an eye on Sunny. Not because she is an alicorn, we now know that they did not understand what that meant, but for her ideals that Equestra needs now that magic had returned and the ponies are starting to live together.
So I think when the enigmatic alicorn called “the shadowy alicorn” revealed to everyone what status and power alicorns really had in the ponies’ world-building, it would shake them and all the other heads of state in Equestria. Not least when they see how incredibly strong an alicorn really is, and that these are almost unstoppable.
Speaking of Discord’s originals; I don’t think this is going to be revealed this early. There is a fan theory that Discord as a chaos spirit that was given a “shell” by a mysterious and powerful sorcerer, and Grogar is at the top of the candidate list. We know from G4 S8 that the chimeric creatures do not occur naturally so Discord was not born, but created, although he was probably just a child in the beginning. If Grogar is involved, we won’t find out until the end of G5. Instead, I think the Mane 5 will find out more about Discord’s past in G4, and all told that Argyle had saved some of the G4 books about the Mane 6, Twilight Sparkle’s life and the royal sisters.
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@Background Pony #84E8
Yes, issue #3 is pointless. The same goes for issue #4. It will be about Pipp and the consequences of lying to her fans in ANG. For more on G5’s past we have to wait for issues #5 and #6.
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I wonder if issue #7 will be another “filler”. We were told that there would be a lot of side stories in this arc.
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Also I don’t know about the direction g5 is gonna go but the comics seem to take place like way after season 1. I guess they found someone they can trust to take care of Sparky? The lighthouse thing was definitely a communication error on Hasbro’s part.
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