MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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@northern haste
I’m well aware.
I also understand that Canada requires a certain percentage of broadcasting to be produced domestically. Normally, a cartoon would be produced in Canada in order to fit that requirement (as FIM did). I can’t imagine how that law would translate to streaming-only media though. What am I missing here?
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This is why I’ll never make it as some internet review blogger. They’re only 5-minute-long episodes and yet it still takes me a month to drop an opinion. And those opinions are sentence long hot takes, and some of them are just me plinking off the opinion of other reviewers.
Oh well. Please Like, Comment, Subscribe and hit the Bell and donate to my Patreon.
Alicorn Issues
I said it before, but Sunny dreaming of good times with her friends not only means she is living the dream but is bae.
Glitter seems to be a recurring thing this generation. Well, it is more girly than FIM so I guess that makes sense. But even so Izzy spazzing over glitter works in character so much it makes me laugh.
“Alicorn magic”. FIM was so squeamish over the word “alicorn” at times but G5 drops it casually. Neither good nor bad on either gen but it is noticeable.
The recurring gag of Sunny’s Scootaloo sized wings buzzing does make me chortle. I don’t know why I gravitate to the smallest things (no pun intended) but I am.
Sunny’s first concern is how she can help people with gimped magic. Sunny is bae. Pipp’s first concern is her style. Pipp exists.
Them reusing the song in Maretime Bay Day 2.0 was out of place despite the catchiness. Reusing a song during the mane styling works since, well, the song is about styling and is kidna Pipp’s Main Melody thing. It just worked better this time around is what I’m saying.
The more she powers up the more hair she gets. No, really, alicorn form is the pony super saiyan.
Zipp isn’t wrong. But I think danger should be one of the last things you should try. But the idea that Sunny spent the entire time blinded by her own hair is a funny afterthought.
And Izzy is just down for anything, even danger.
I don’t know what Pipp is upset about. The sock earring doesn’t make Sunny’s hair look more hideous.
Oh, Zipp was half right. Carry on.
In hindsight I’m surprised at how little one on ones Sunny and Hitch have had. All 5 are good friends but you’d think these 2 would be the closest confidants of the group.
Sunny’s turning a wave into glitter should not look as cool as it did.
And done. Not a bad episode, decent character focus and recognition on Sunny’s alicorn powers. I doubt it’d be a permanent thing but her ending the episode in the state makes me wonder if she does stay in it.
Making a Foal of Me
A baby episode. Usually, they make an entire baby spinoff but MLP restrained itself to a single ep. Good for them.
General baby antics, but as FOME pointed out the kids did gravitate to their usual hobbies. Sunny went for smoothies and journal writing, Hitch play sheriff and Izzy general artwork.
Pipp records her announcements. I am now wondering how much of her songs are lip synced.
“OUR FRIENDS ARE FILLIES! …and foals!” Funny, but once again MLP is shy about using the word “colt”. I don’t know why but it is something I’ve noticed.
Detective Zipp is on the scene! Again, I’m pretty sure she’ll take any excuse to investigate.
More contrast between Zipp and Pipp on their opinion towards make-up.
The sisters squeeing over their dog as a puppy is cute. But I can’t tell if Cloudpuff just turned into a puppy or was one the entire episode.
Oh there is continuity with the magic glitter. I was not expecting that.
I’m not sure what Pipp’s idea was. Her fruit face mask cream expired and smelled, so she put additives in it to…make it not smell? Make it not rotten?
Rejuvenating face masks plus magic equals age reduction, so aging cream plus magic equals growing up. That’s some 3 Stooges “pull the elevator arrow in the other direction to make the lowering elevator rise up” logic. And now that I put it like that I’m suddenly okay with this fix.
Of course kids won’t let you touch their faces. But randomly starting story time to get their attention is a good idea.
Izzy excitedly wanting to tell “all” her friends to try a thing then looking over to tell her only friends to try the thing. Once again there’s a lot to unpack there.
And done. This was a ridiculously cute episode that also managed to hold itself up with some great comedy spots. The development with Zipp and Pipp were also good, even though Zipp getting the spotlight is a common thing by this point. Sunny didn’t keep her alicorn form here, but being age reduced would be a good excuse for why so that question still hangs for a week. She still kept her magic induced hair stripes though.
Dahlia looks so different from the usual design and I don’t know why. Great look though.
So we’re addressing how the new magical status quo can shake up already established businesses. NGL I wasn’t expecting this angle but neat.
Dayum. Posey is such a casual bitch and I’m all for it. I feel so sorry for Dahlia but that was such a Posey moment.
Sunny doesn’t stay in her alicorn form but can now call it on command…mostly. Okay so that question is answered. Also Sunny is just helping because that’s what she does. Sunny is bae.
Don’t know why they have to dance a jig to activate their earth pony magic but I like it. Ah it’s to get Dahlia into the right state of mind. That works.
Feel kinda bad that Dahlia finally gets her magic to work and it causes a mess. Feel even worse over the song being thoroughly meh though.
Yeah, much like Pipp getting lotion in her eye hit too close to home I have chronic allergy problems. So this part of the episode is cringe to me.
Dayum. Posey is such a casual bitch and I’m all for it. I feel so sorry for Dahlia but that was such a Posey moment.
Izzy is down for anything, even sneezing.
“Ah, not you again.” Sunny is bae but Dahlia did have a point there.
Glowing flowers would have a market even if anypony can grow normal flowers. So that’s a nice fix for the episode’s catalyst.
Pipp using her internet fame to advertise. I like that.
And the glowing flowers bleach after a while? I mean, that would mean there’s a constant demand for them so Dahlia stays in business but I feel like there might be some advertisement problems there.
And done. Good episode, nice new character (well, sort of. I think she was a background character in the movie. Which makes her inclusion even better), and more Sunny moments. But yeah I can’t help but wonder what was up with that last 2 seconds with the flowers losing their colors.
Queens for a Day
“You were supposed to meet us in the Square. I even made an appointment with ‘Zoom’ this time!” Funny on its face, but one of the uploaded images here did make me think the statement was a pun on the “Zoom” app. If so then kudos for the understated play on words.
Did we ever get a shot of Haven from the back in the movie or special? I dig how her mane and tail is tied.
Ah. It’s one of those episodes. Haven is bored/overworked as queen and her daughters (plus friends) take over for a day. I mean, with Zipp’s reluctance towards anything related to her royal duties and anxiety over being the crown princess I guess I’m looking forward to how they play this?
And right off the bat they hit the ‘long list of chores’ trope. Oy. Izzy almost saved the scene here but not quite.
The only thing I cared about with the foals scene was the pictures in the background. Most were ones we already seen but I still like how they just had to make do with whatever picture they could take of the camera-shy Zipp throughout her life.
And of course the denouement is the characters realizing just how hard Haven has it. But I’m sitting here thinking this is supposed to be her daily schedule, and yet 5 (admittedly inexperienced) people can’t do it all and yet she can? The math doesn’t add up here.
I guess that meal was Zipp’s favorite? So nice on Haven’s end. She’s a great mother.
And done. I kinda had to pad this one because I really couldn’t care for this episode. I dare say it was the worst one so far. The story beats of a Prince and Pauper plot (minus the Pauper portion) were all predictable without much to make them original from the usual tropes. Shoot it didn’t even really have any real character development here; most episodes were able to squeeze in some decently strong character moments in their scenes but none were here. That bit is especially noticeable considering how much Zipp chafes at her royal duties, so this episode was the perfect way to explore that but…didn’t. I guess I like how Thunder and Zoom had separate scenes for once though?
A thorough Meh.
On Your Cutie Marks
They’re doing another festival? They just did Maretime Bay Day a nondescript time ago. Well, I guess that was an earth pony thing. This one is less a repurposed holiday and more its own thing.
Gloomy Sonnett! Already this episode is top tier.
Oh Haven and Alphabittle is here. And Alphabittle finally gets a speaking role. Neat. Haven is canonically the leader of the pegasi, and here we have more implications that Alphabittle…if not the leader, then at least a head figure for the unicorns. So where’s Phyllis?
Been wondering how Alphabittle feels about Sunny since the events of the movie. Looks like it’s all water under the bridge now. And he’s pretty chummy when he’s not hustling and/or flexing on marks.
“Even for a queen it would be a lot to handle alone.” Haven says to Sunny, right before Sunny alicorns up. Can you even call this subtext anymore?
Well skipping ahead a bit but Phyllis never appears in the episode. A shame since we had the “leaders” of the other tribes here, but the episode leans on Sunny being the earth pony rep here. Which is a shame since being a part time alicorn meant she could’ve been repping all 3 tribes implicitly as well as allude to her probable future.
Okay so it looks like the conflict is once again about how the tribes’ magics can give unfair advantages in different circumstances. The MYM special used that as the driving force, the cold opening to Izzy’s trash episode alluded to it (incidentally also with competition), but I kinda dig how it’s more an explicit continuation/combination of those 2 here.
Pipp freaks at muddy hooves then flexes on Hitch with her flight. That’s cheating but that’s hilarious.
Gloomy Sonnett just “Haters gonna Hate” her way to victory. This episode is top tier.
The boat scene was probably the best in showing off the tribes competing magics. The tennis match had the pegasi flex with their aerial advantage while unicorn horns were a detriment, the race had pegasi flex on superior flight speed while earth pony magic just trips up opponents, and the boat scene had them all actually using their magic for once…only for the pegasi to flex and still win. You know when I put it like that…
Being Sunny is suffering and also bae.
Hitch rules lawyering while at the same time bothering by the book is great. He’s not cheating but the pegasi have been “not cheating” the entire time so of course he’s flustered.
I think this is the first time we’ve seen the Unity Crystal glitch in TYT. So hey neat continuity.
Alphabittle and Haven come to cheer Sunny up. Once again I can’t help but notice Phyllis’ absence here and think the scene could’ve been better with her presence.
Letting tribes mix. You’re playing a very dangerous game there Sunny.
“The first Equestria Games”. Quite a bit to unpack there. History may not repeat but it sure does rhyme.
And done. I love this episode. It had everything you could want in it with nary a major gripe. Again the only real hang up here was the lack of Phyllis being the implicit leader of the earth ponies keeping already good scenes from being better but that’s about it.
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You probably put more thought and effort into examining these 5 minute shorts meant to keep the kids distracted more then most of the fandom tbh X)
(this is supposed to be a compliment,it’s nice hearing your thoughts on these)
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Letting tribes mix. You’re playing a very dangerous game there Sunny.
Things might have gone more smoothly if her father’s research had dug up anything related to buckball.
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Grumpy and antisocial
Hey, folks, I have something a bit random to ask: Does Mane Melody (the establishment, not the episode named after it) have any kind of tag here in Derpibooru?
Background Pony #E026
Does Sprout suffer from the Dunning-Kruger Effect?
Basically, he’s a stupid person who thinks he’s a genius, and EVERYONE ELSE is the stupid one.
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Music/Charts Enthusiast
I like to imagine that the Equestria Games in the recent episode is like the modern Olympics. The Olympics Games from G4 was the equivalent of the original Olympic Games from Ancient Greece and centuries later, Maretime Bay revived it just like how Greece did with their Olympic Games back in 1896.
Background Pony #E026
A G5 episode opens with “The following episode contains some intense scenes that may not be suitable for younger children”.
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Here’s an incomplete list of things I did and didn’t know I wanted from G5 (in no particular order):
  • More overt Earth Pony Magic
  • A male main character
  • Downtime where the characters just enjoy each others’ company
  • A setting that changes as the show progresses
  • Characters that evolve as the setting changes (Sunny has her alicorn powers to figure out, Pipp has a business to run, Zipp became a detective)
  • Stories exploring how changes affect secondary characters
  • A thematic through-line (Do these little ponies deserve this magic?)
  • More consistent ergonomics (they just bit the bullet and gave ponies magnetic hooves)
  • Forethought with the background characters (it still blows my mind that Dahlia appeared in ANG, and that she was selling flowers in the background all this time)
Background Pony #E026
Sprout is on the run after the events of ANG.
He meets a gigantic old dragon who lets him stay in his cave. When Sprout tells him why he’s on the run, the dragon tells him about a time when he made a mistake, and didn’t know what to do.
Take a wild guess who the dragon is.
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