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Something like that - they may not be comfortable getting into those kinds of issues in what has traditionally been a largely lighthearted work. And again, look at Scootaloo - from the first time she tried and failed to fly, fans had held her up as a role model for people with disabilities despite Lauren Faust claiming that she “hadn’t figured it out yet”. So it’s not as though they need to hand Izzy an explicit canon diagnosis to score points for representation.
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Will the Shadowy Alicorn look at Sunny and say something like, “Hmph, seems like they’re letting ANYPONY become alicorns these days”?
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So was able to watch the Make Your Mark special yesterday and it was decent. Not great not terrible, just on the positive of ok. The characters were pretty good here, especially Zipp and Hitch IMO.
That being said there’s a lack of tension and the story feels stretched. It almost feels like a 20 minute story stretch to double that. Posey barely factors as a villain and the magic glitching plot doesn’t really have much punch to it, for lack of a better word.
If the regular show is able to tighten the plot (which is should be able to do since they’re shorter stories) it’ll probably be better
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/mlp/ is having a poll on who the best Mane Five pony is. Zipp’s the only one with any actual depth so far, so she wins by default.
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Posey was never a villain. She was just a character who felt left out. The true villains are the shadowy alicorn and prejudice.
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Zipp does crossword puzzles and has a Rubik’s Cube at her desk. I bet if the circumstances were different, she probably would enjoy spending an afternoon doing a puzzle with Hitch.
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Like I said in an older post here, I think that was just to set up the structure for the actual series where they can come up with better stories
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The only punch here is they’ll lose magic again if they don’t maintain harmony.
There’s one thing I’d noticed - in the movie, we see that none of the pony tribes were aware than the others had also lost their magic, heavily implying that the magic didn’t go away until after pony race relations had completely broken down. Here, magic starts glitching out as soon as things go through a rough patch. What’s up with that?
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I’ve been checking out non-English versions of the Make Your Mark special and apparently it doesn’t have Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Ukrainian dubs. But they’ll probably be out soon.
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Alphabittle and Queen Haven have feelings for each other, but are both too proud to admit it.
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