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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I just realized Windy may have been slightly redesigned. Comparing her A New Generation and Make Your Mark designs, she seems to have a lighter, pinker color scheme and maybe a lighter streak in her mane. I may be wrong, as my memory isn’t good, but it’s something to think about.
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but if she thinks she can mess with the magic of friendship.
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Is it just me cuz I haven’t kept up with them but from that latest clip izzy is MUCH more smarter than pinkie
I wouldn’t say that. Pinkie wasn’t dumb. She was just silly but she knew when to not be silly.
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The animation seems stiff at times, the colors feel muted, and the dialogue is kind-of stilted (especially the scene where the ponies are complaining about magic). Which is a surprise to me, considering how smooth the trailer looked and sounded to me. Is the trailer and the actual special made by different studios?
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I saw all of the episodes of Tell Your Tale in preparation for the special and I got to say they were alright for what they were. Pretty simple in terms of stories and humor, but the animation and designs I still can’t get over. Overall, they were fine, and I certainly enjoyed them more than Pony Life.
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Who is ready for the first comic, the special, and the game? Next week will be wild.
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