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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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I think there is going to be an ongoing arc where they keep finding out secrets about Argyle’s past in the series. How did he get that crystal? Did he know about it? If yes then why did he not tell Sunny?
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What if they are talking about something that will happen in the upcoming special or series? They showed Sunnycorn way before the movie was even out.
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@Pinto Bean
Why not? We never really got much of him in G4. I mean, what do we know about him besides ‘crystal, crystal’ and wanting to rule over the Crystal Empire? Since his comics are not canon, it would be nice to see more of him and he is probably not the main villain. If the description is correct.
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What if the final boss of G5 is a corrupted Twilight who went insane after the rest of the Mane Six died?
Make her backstory a G-rated version of Gwyn from Dark Souls.
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We are talking about the future. They will want to make new villains but that doesn’t mean villains like Sombra won’t reappear. After all it is the same universe whether you like it or not.
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Maybe not punishment per se, but when Sprout says “Was I a good sheriff, mommy?”, it kind of makes it look like he doesn’t understand the gravity of his actions. I think most people would have been satisfied by Phyllis saying
“No, I’m very disappointed in you. And in myself.”, and/or if Phyllis made Sprout apologize.
Come to think of it, there’s an interesting contrast between Argyle and Phyllis. Argyle raised his daughter right, she learned how to be independent, and his life’s work paid off. Phyllis spoiled her son, and now her life’s work is no longer relevant. It would have been nice if they’d paid that off a bit more.
Weird that it’s Sombra of all people. I’m going to chalk this up to the game of Telephone that often happens when different departments communicate.
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I know, they painted an old alicorn Twilight plushie orange, purple and gold and thought to themselves, ‘We should sell more of these plushies with an outdated description but instead of Twilight Sparkle, we will put Sunny in the description’. Because that makes sense, right? Twilight is an alicorn who played a pivotal role in saving Equestria from Sombra. The other five main characters didn’t help. It was only Twilight who saved Equestria.
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Maybe its a toy thing like when they said Pipp and Zipp are twins.
However, Sombra is a very fitting villain for g5. He is (or was) a unicorn. Sunny believed the ponies never used their magic on each other. We all know that’s not true because of Starlight and even Twilight who enchanted a doll. Sombra existing alone would break Sunny’s narrative.
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Putting sarcasm aside… Does anyone else find weird the following sentence
She’s an Alicorn who plays a pivotal role in saving Equestria from King Sombra and his minions. Since when does King Sombra have minions? Some could say the brainwashed ponies count as minions but why would Sunny save Equestria from them? Wouldn’t she save them? It looks like this time Sombra actually has minions who adore him. Kinda like a cult. As if they were waiting for magic to return to bring him back.
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I don’t see it as a typo. It doesn’t make sense if they are talking about Twilight. She didn’t play a pivotal role in defeating King Sombra and his minions. Also he didn’t have minions in G4. Now if we are talking about the future, there could be a cult that loves King Sombra. He would be a great legend for them. They would just need some magic to bring their king back and Sunny restored magic in Equestria. Now isn’t that just perfect?
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Since Sombra was one of my favorite antagonists of G4, hoping what they’ll do for him here. Looking forward to it, but if they don’t make him to be the same as he was during his two (or three) appearances then oh well.
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With Hasbro switching over to a new main cast, it is also a confirmation that they don’t have an interest in reusing the previous G4 characters for this new generation, as it will steal the spotlight from the new cast, which is mean to be the main focus of this new generation.
Hasbro over the years has been very careful when reprising VAs
usually when they move to different generations of shows, they don’t reprise old VAs unless absolutely necessary
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