MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Come to think of it, if the Mane 6 do make a appearance, it's highly likely that there will be new voices depending on the location where G5 will be dubbed.

And we could also see some redesigns, too.
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In Addition:
Considering that there are some people who write pure G1 Fanfiction and/or pure G3 Fanfiction, i think this will be the case for G4. G1 and G3 will always have there fans too.
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Considering this is still the same world and breezies are shown to be complete wimps, I would go for flutter ponies (changelings don't count as they still aren't ponies despite their shape). Any way they get introduced could count, as long as they aren't wimpy nor simple clones of other races.

EDIT: Because I imagine flutter ponies could be something truly interesting if they can't be exactly like any other winged races established in G4.
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Grumpy and antisocial Despite the incorrect name, poster and voice cast, does anyone know if the film actually will premiere in Hungary on September 23?
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Ominous. The trailer has not come out, it is only days before the summer holidays for the children and parents, and there are many indications that the Russian information about the upcoming movie will not be true for long. It is possible that the launch of the G5 movie or the commercial of the movie may have been damaged by the major political events in recent months. There is growing contempt for Americans in Russia and China, and it is noticeable that these are bad times for multinational companies. Hasbro has invested very strongly internationally.
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I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but in G5 there might be planes. We got iPhones with that clip of Pipp holding one, so I’m sure we’ll get planes as well.
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So going by that supposed leak that Twilight is confirmed dead by the time of G5 I speculate that, with no evidence to back it up, that she died in a tragic volleyball accident. After all, she's otherwise immortal.

RIP in pieces dear princess.
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Didn't think CWC understood irony or even how to be anywhere close to that coherent these days.
Don't think it's him er I mean her er I mean the Goddess, think I'll stick with witless buffoon.
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