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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread


I think the G5 movie will handle its 5 main characters just fine because we are meeting these characters along the way. In the 2017 movie, FiM had us “meeting” and following all of the Mane 6 from the beginning to the end, with even more groups of characters to meet on top of that. It felt clunky and people who were new to the series were confused.
That’s my main problem with the 2017 movie. If you already a fan of the show, you’re probably enjoy the movie but if you’re not, you will be confused by the outcome because the movie didn’t really did a good job focus on all the main characters. I think this upcoming movie being a prequel to the series is a good idea since we don’t know who these characters are right now.
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I wonder if they might add a sixth member later. I think it might make sense as a marketing move, 5 characters being easier to establish in a movie and have promotional marital out for with a sixth 2 or 3 years down the line for toy sales boost.
Anyways, personally no problem with the choice to cut it to five itself other than if they are trying to have any thematic connection to the mane6 it maybe a little awkward.
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Since G5 is gonna be Netflix-exclusive, it doesn’t seem likely that it’ll last longer than 2-3 years, 4 if you count the movie.
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Perhaps their character designs aren’t as masterful as the Mane 6’s designs but I think they still look really nice and we don’t even know their personalities yet. Let’s not jump to conclusions about how good or not good it’ll be. For all we know it could have some “special sauce” G4 was missing.
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I still think that the sixth member is probably a red and orange unicorn (a Big Mac look-alike according to that leak) and that he will only appear as a main character in the series.
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There’s one reason the next generation being a sequel to the previous can be the better idea:
It’s unlikely to hear ridiculous “[character]’s G5 personality is wrong because it wasn’t like what it was in G4 even though it’s not the same universe” complaints. I’ve heard them about Rainbow Dash from G3. As if G3’s writers were time travelers. And then there are complaints about characters in Pony Life for similar reasons.
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On the other hand, I do expect lots of “pft, this character is just diet!Rainbow Dash” or “pshaw, she’s a mix of Twilight and Fluttershy and nothing else” rather than considering them their own characters.
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The three tribes separated by racial tensions… A technological revolution happening in the past that may have upset the previous status quo… the missing character for “balance” is a unicorn…
Oh gods, we’re going to get our own Zuko, aren’t we? I can see it, an angry unicorn sent on a snipe hunt for Izzy Moonbow, that traitor who slipped out of New Unicornia to befriend the enemy, all in the small hope to regain his honor after his father broke his horn to teach him a lesson…
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A lot of people have been saying how much G5 stacks up to G4, but no one’s been saying anything about the previous three before FIM. I don’t see a lot comparing the original three generations to the upcoming one.

Well, only one of those gens had a regular series, and that was a long time ago. Furthermore, G4 is generally considered the high bar of the franchise in most areas.
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