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I remember reading something about what makes good character design. I don’t remember what it said verbatim, but the rundown of it was, that when you look at the design of a character it should tell you basically what that character is about/ their personality.
The Mane Six had simplistic yet good design. When you look at each of them you can tell what their personalities would be like. An example would be like Rarity, even if you didn’t know her name, you could tell that she would be the prissy fashion drama queen of the group.
Now let’s apply that to Gen 5’s characters. Pipp, right of the bat, looks like she has something to do with royalty. Sunny looks like the plain normal one ; however if you look at her mane, it looks kinda messy/unkept, that might be because she’s considered a weirdo in her town.
Going off of those two, I think the other characters have good designs as well. These are definitely a step-up from the past generations when every character had the same mane and look exactly the same, but just colored differently  
( looking at you gen 3.)
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Wholly subjective, just like me seeing Totally Spies’ Clover and Soul Reaver’s Raziel every time I look a little too closely at She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’s Adora and Shadow Weaver. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Huntara somewhere in some Dragon Ball, too!
I actually think you could run a legit line of criticism. A lot of 3D CGI looks bland and too alike with other 3D CGI and can see it. Ultimately though I am waiting to see the finished product before I can render a judgement.
I’ll always consider Lauren Faust’s greatest contribution to G4 to be, not the universe or the characters, but these gorgeous art style and character designs.
The art style I used to find a little wonky but I have grown increasingly to love and I think has some unique aspects to it–at least in its flash rendering. From the bright colors to the different color outline over simple black outlines. The sometimes warped perspective of buildings and backgrounds struggling to portray depth. I love a lot of it now.
Part of me thinks that they won’t at all but I honestly can’t rule it out having some kind of cameo of Twilight Sparkle at some point in spite of what they have signaled just out of the fact they are really trying to hype a sequel.
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I get the whole uncanny valley thing but it’s mostly when a character is looking directly at the camera. It’s a pretty common problem in 3D animation.
As for Spike, I’m expecting a Junior, and big ol’ dragon or both.
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Lots of self-indulgence on the creative team’s part, it turns out. This is the show that gave us an entire episode devoted to buttering up popular fanons, then an entire episode starring Weird Al Yankovic’s self-insert—who ended up marrying his waifu, too—then an entire episode about Patton Oswalt’s self-insert, then an entire episode about his self-insert again, but those of his family as well…
The fucking ingratitude of this comment, if i had to put a picture to illustrate “biting the hand that feed you” i’ll enshrine this comment. Like it or not, the back and forth between the fandom and the staff is IMO in the core DNA of FIM regardless you like it or not and that “buttering up” stuff was made for the 100 th episode may i remind you, if we cant have self indulgence from time to time,that just cement my belief that unfortunately calling bronies a “misaimed fandom” was an accurate description, the ammount of times i saw bitter shit like this on a show about colored equines is still flabbergasting  
I’ll spare you my views on your other bitter morsels about Discord and Cheese Sandwich marrying their waifus or what not because it sound too uncontortably close to some OC fan”artist” fuming about their sinked ship or whatnot. They are canon characters no matter how you dice it
What, you thought that it was a coincidence that he got the most adorable, most submissive little waifu in the world wrapped around his finger and willing to forgive him for absolutely everything?
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(continued to further thought)  
Thinking about it, i kinda agree with your point on pandering but for another reason.Trying to please dour-faced nerd who latched on a happy show for little girl because 4chan made memes about it in 2011 was a sure way to throw pearls before swines
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I dont agree with that and i cant articulate why honestly. I dont know what to say, it looked fine to me  
Case in “point” because aesthetic is subjective >>2558856 make me cautiously optimist
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(last continuation)  
The only part i sorta agreed with your screed was the suggestion that Hasbro might rely a bit too much in G4 shadows now. From my point of view,it was inevitable so i was already psychologically prepared to this eventuality so it didnt phased me too much. I mean, you should have seen it coming. The toymakers at Hasbro that came up with the piece of shit spin-off cant replicate what an outsider from their industry like Faust accomplished for them in a million years and they are fully aware of that so they are going to latch on the “je ne sais quoi” they will always lack and that their chart analysts cant never replicate in a 1000 years for dear life
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What did you smoke ? It never stopped piggy backing by its nature of being forcefully shoved into the canon (and i’ll be less generous and calling it outright being parasitic and worse detrimental to the franchise reputation as a whole). No we wouldnt have gave a shit about the bland Monster High universe if Hasbro didnt had the “genius” of recoloring some Barbie the same color of the Mane 6 but they kept pushing it because they needed to step on Mattel toes even if that meant giving Faust who saved their sorry ass franchise a metaphorical finger
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Maybe that was one reason for this hypothetical war against Princess Twilight in G5’s past? She’s already thrown Equestria under the bus twice, first to save her friends and then to save the mare who’d just conquered Canterlot and just said she’d gladly do the same to the rest of the world, and after that she enabled the Bracchus Rex of their E-rated world for her entire reign. Not exactly a leader who can be trusted, is she? Even good guys would have reasons to want her gone.
You try very hard to put a spin on things that worked in the end. You should work on politics with the attack ads,you got the bad faith thing juuuust right.As a reminder, the show subtitle is “Friendship is Magic” while you can argue this is not how the situation will turn out IRL,the core point of the franchise is “make friends,save the world” Is it naive, yes ! It’s fucking My Little Pony, tune in to Game of Thrones if you want complicated stories of politic and treachery.
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I just remembered that the initial teaser for G5’s movie mentioned “a daring jewel heist.” I’m half-expecting it to fail horribly, just to set up the line “maybe the real jewels were the friends we made along the way?” at the end…
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And to pre-empt, I am much more okay with a smart phone here than with Pony Life. Since PL is based on characters and a setting that was previously established, it just felt kinda weird to see them use tech far more advanced, as if it was only added in to ‘appeal to kids these days.’  
It’s at least far in the future here, so the advanced tech at least makes some sense. It’ll depend on how it’s used, so I’m still slightly worried I suppose, but given that she’s the only pony we’ve seen with one so far, I’m not that bothered.
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Smart Phones had to start somewhere. Starting among the higher-class, and then over time spreading among the populace as the price goes down.
Past that, as long as the phones don’t become too central to the plot I’m not too bothered. I don’t want them to go all “Hey fellow kids”, which is an aspect that turned me off from Pony Life, among other things.
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Smartphones are just phones now they’re not a trend.  
Really the only difference between sharing modern phones and old phones in older shows is that They were more impractical and so They had easy humour
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