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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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@northern haste  
True, but Flash technically counts cause it’s a software, same for toon boom.
Toon boom harmony can animate in 3d and 2d, so…
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Friendship is magic and pony life were not descried as computer animated.  
Also With the shows are animated in software like that now so there’s no point describing it anything other than just animated if it was 2d
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I’m starting to think that the G5 movie might not even address Twilight being the ruler and how her reign became G5’s setting. I mean, the movie was in development for a while, right? While FiM’s final seasons were still being written and finished. And I doubt the G5 staff would have special access to FiM season 9 stuff while it was still in production, surely they would’ve found out Twilight was taking over the same time we did? Is that enough time to change a script to at least address it?
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I was extremely excited about G5, but the more I think about it, the lower my hopes get. And not because of the entitled “the new generation of My Little Pony caters to a new generation of people rather than to bronies again, because obviously a full decade’s worth of content wasn’t enough, and that is a crime” spiel that apparently makes up 95% of complaints about it. (I mean that as a whole, not this thread specifically.)
G5 actually cavorts in G4’s shadow pretty damn much as it is; and that’s exactly why I’m worried. Because just what did Friendship is Magic bring us?
Lots of self-indulgence on the creative team’s part, it turns out. This is the show that gave us an entire episode devoted to buttering up popular fanons, then an entire episode starring Weird Al Yankovic’s self-insert—who ended up marrying his waifu, too—then an entire episode about Patton Oswalt’s self-insert, then an entire episode about his self-insert again, but those of his family as well…
And then there’s the whole deal with Discord, who apparently was brought back because DHX loved John de Lancie just that much, and then transcended that precious little pet status into full self-insert: Karma Houdini Edition. What, you thought that it was a coincidence that he got the most adorable, most submissive little waifu in the world wrapped around his finger and willing to forgive him for absolutely everything?
Discord. That’s who I’m most worried about as far as G5 is concerned. I’m seeing him as MLP’s Joker; so popular to both the creative teams and the fans that he will have a big role in every generation from now to forever. And since I see nothing more than a character even more self-indulgent than Least I Could Do’s protagonist when I look at him… I’m not looking forward to G5 being brought down again, like he made G4 a genuine pain to watch.
There were other reasons Friendship is Magic turned sour for me, and I’m the opposite of thrilled that their shadows are influencing G5 so much, but he’s the one that makes me the most nervous for the new generation.
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I feel kinda disappointing about how Scootaloo’s parents ended up being yet another group of monster hunters.
Being a monster hunter is so overrused in the G4 world. Ever since that S.M.I.L.E. thing introduced by BonBon. Althrought I kinda glad that was a one-time thing for a book
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Smile is as much monster hunters as it is information suppression.
And, is ‘monster hunter’ really an overused thing in MLP? They seemed more like explorers and cataloguers.

at most i could imagine him popping up only to get popped down by a new villain, worf-style, either in the present to maybe a flashback. Especially in a flashback if some greater scope villain, either known in g4 like the original grogar, or maybe some new unseen villain like, and this is one that popped into my head, krag the gluemaker.

@Knight of the Raven  
I’m not fond of Discord either, but like what Latecomer basically said, the writing team has probably change so much, that Discord might not even be mentioned or at least he would be a background easter egg that probably holds no importance to the actually story.
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I could see Discord being in an episode where he “tests” the new cast to see if they can live up to the goals of the old Mane Six. I say “test” because it’s Discord. It’s probably gonna be 70% trolling and 30% seeing if they’re up to snuff.
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