MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #1974
My gut feeling tells me this leak is fake. A villain planning genocide seems way to dark for a franchise where they don’t even use the word death.

Besides that, whole part with the Kirin, Bat Ponies, Hippogriff sounds an awful lot like that other fake leak that claimed the group of main characters would include a Kirin, a Hippogriff and Changeling. At this point doubt we are going to see any other races beside Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi in the movie.

On topic with the "Rough Draft" video. It makes sense that unicorns would be targeted because they are sorta overpowered from the rest. In this "dystopian" future, if going by my headcanon, Twilight was betrayed by a earth pony.

There was a bit about there being a war that happened due to the jealousy over the princesses' power in the rough draft. That seems to suggest this theory from (what is currently) page 110 has some weight to it.

Until we get more info, this is my official prediction:

*The question of "Why does one species get to control The Sun and Moon?" gradually drove a wedge between the different species, which fits the theme of "paranoia and mistrust".

*This eventually led to conflict, which ended the golden age of harmony.

*It would be easy enough to spin these events into a cautionary tale about not trusting other species. This is why Twilight's message is something modern Equestria needs to be persuaded on.
Background Pony #B163
We thought unicorns were the ones to be wary of, but it turned out to be earth ponies all along.
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If the world has less magic to the point where the power of magical creatures is diminished, that would explain why the windigoes aren't a problem. Then the lack of windigoes in turn makes it easier to write off the adventures of The Mane Six as "some silly legend".
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I had something of an idea, though it's very unlikely.

What if the one behind the fall of Equestria, and the one currently in charge (perhaps with some sort of hoarded magic to keep herself ageless? this is the part of the idea that does fall apart to be honest) is Cozy Glow? Now as to who/what got her and the other two out of their stone prison, and what happened to them, I don't know, but draining Equestria of its magic and turning pony against pony to keep herself in power sounds very much like something an adult Cozy Glow would do.
Background Pony #BC46
As interesting as the supposed early draft plot leak sounds I can't see Hasbro giving that the green light,I mean I'm all for MLP going a little darker but the last part of that sounded TOO dark.
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Think about it, if you look real closely, Sunny and Izzy do have cutie marks. Hitch is the only one that lacks it. Also because of the rather dull smirk he has in this apparent image:>>2578958
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@Background Pony #1222
Just imagine it. We hear a gunshot off-screen and then Sunny walks into the frame calmly stating that the bad guy has been taken care of. That's what I imagine a Robot Chicken sketch about the show would be like.
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