MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Just a thought:
Despite Pony Life being animated in Ireland, they used the Canadian voice cast. Will this be the case for the G5 series too? Or will they use the NY Cast?
And what if FiM had LA, NY and Canadian voice actors?
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If Pipp is a princess, it makes logical sense that in the scene where Izzy get's her "iconic" tennis ball, that's were they would introduce her at.
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While a “A New Adventure” would be a fine movie title, idk if it’ll actually be the title since the books based on the pony and EqG movies don’t usually have the same name, but it’s still fine regardless. I highly doubt the title will just be “My Little Pony: The Movie” again.

Edit: Actually, “My Little Pony: Beyond Equestria” might have been the original name of the 2017 movie, or at least the name internally. And the book adaptation in general was probably based on earlier scripts of the book with no time (or need) to change it so it was published under the old name. Unless the name was changed again then “A New Adventure” might actually be the name of the new movie!
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I know this sounds like some obsessive detective shit but this just showed up on my Twitter TL because of how Twitter likes work so I’ll say it: I noticed that, at least with the likes that show up on my TL from following her, Imalou tends to put likes on movie-related Tweets that are legit content, even before it was officially confirmed. For example, she was putting a lot of likes on fanart of the G5 cast when we only had the unconfirmed bedsheets out. I haven’t seen her put a like on any rumors that turned out to be false.
She put a like on the Equestria Daily Tweet about the book name possibly being the movie name. So yeah, I think “MLP: A New Adventure” being our title seems pretty likely!
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I probably May or June 2022 that the G5 series will debut. I know it's early, but why not?
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I think the G5 series will drop during summer break. Since more kids will be out of school.
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Apparently, Twilight is gonna play no part in this new series…

Depending on how you feel, that can either be good or bad.
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