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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread


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I mean, I did say she would be considered a princess, she just doesn’t “technically” have to do her royal duties like that of her maybe older twin. The only reason she would is, if her parents are imposing it on her to do so.
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What if Spike is in G5, but because of the huge gap in time between G4 and G5, he’s ancient and slightly senile?
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I’m curious about the flying pomeranian. Like is it levitating and floating, or does it have wings to fly?
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Am I the only one who thinks the divide between races isn’t caused by outright hostility?
EDIT: Honestly; If they are hostile to one another, wouldn’t they either consistently try to invade each other’s territory (and destroying any other races entering their own) or build walls separating between each race’s territory? This is the reason I don’t believe the idea of races hating one another.
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Thinking too much like a grown adult and not like a kid’s show executive.
Like you I have no information, but I don’t think the division will be much deeper than segregated towns. Like how we used to think the g4 cities almost worked.
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My guess as to what happened is Luster Dawn tried to reform the Legion of Doom and it backfired horribly. At least that’s based on one particular image…
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And is it named Missile?
Reforming either works or not, so….
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