MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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It wouldn’t surprise they probably do a Luke Skywalker thing with Twilight being the old mentor to the new hero/heroes.
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When you think about it G5 is going to be the beast wars to G4’s G1 if you’re drawing comparisons to transformers.
-both were all CGI shows that continued the lore of the previous generation  
  • new cast of characters with (highly possible) cameos from old characters.
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I think it will depend on the number of Seasons and how much the show writers want G5 to be their own thing. If G5 has 9 Seasons there are going to be a few cameos. If it’s only 2 Season, probably not.
Personally I think Spike or Discord are the most likely candidates for a cameo.
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Just 3 bits mostly
-the Cutie Mark Crusaders have become like Girl Scouts like organization  
  • Pony Ville will mentioned a number of times though season 1 probably be visited in season 2 its now tourist attraction for those that believe in main 6  
  • Luster Dawn fate will be addressed at some point^^
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I don’t like to believe random “Source: trust me guys” info posted on 4Chan or PonyChan but I really hope the Cutie Mark Crusaders one is true because that’s a neat idea. That sounds like a cool “show don’t tell” worldbuilding thing too, like Sunny casually talks about being in an organization that is basically Girl Scouts that’s just called the Cutie Mark Crusaders and you can just fill in the blanks from there if you’re a G4 fan. If not, well then it’s just a cute Easter Egg you don’t need to know beyond “it’s basically girl scouts.”
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Well, yeah. But G5 is going to expand our knowledge about Equestria, getting to know about the CMC, Ponyville and Luster Dawn can be considered part of it! To be honest, it would be weird if nothing from G4 was mentioned.
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