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It’s just weird that they only confirmed that we’ll be seeing Starlight’s descendants first. I thought they would’ve been like “ Oh yeah well we’ll be seeing Applebloom’s or Big Mac descendants” or somethng along those lines, but whatever…
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Well, Hitch Trailblazer got its full name. But can we give him a alternative/nickname just for fun? Like “Hitch Hiker”?
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Any way of knowing if there’s any validity to those rumors and not just someone talking out there ass? Because if Discord is gonna be in this then I’m out. Bringing him back was the worst mistake the show ever did and I don’t think I can stomach another whole season with him
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I wonder if Discord would still be good considering Fluttershy was his only leash, and she’s gone now. Without magic in Equestria, maybe he’s a lot weaker than he was in G4.
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So a bat pony, kirin, and changeling won’t be part of the new Mane Six? Where’s my inclusivity?! (I’m joking.)
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Ok, is there any actual verification that G5 takes part in G4’s universe? I watched Paleosteno’s video on the G5 reveal, and he wasn’t sure if it was a same setting, different characters setup or a Digimon Tamers setup where the previous gen is fictional to the current gen.
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There was a press release that detailed the story of the movie. It didn’t explicitly say whether it was specifically in the same world as FiM, but it had the phrase  
the beloved pony world of Equestria is expanding to introduce a new generation of ponies to a new generation of fans  
which implies that it’s the same Equestria.
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And in the picture, there were figures of the Mane Six and a banner with Celestia’s cutie mark in Sunny’s room. While it’s possible it could just be easter eggs, it lends some credence to the “Mane Six have faded into myth” which would put G5 in the same universe as G4.
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