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Honestly it's mostly the facial expressions that feel off, but that's most likely due to merch usually using lesser quality stuff. Those proto-vectors that G4 had on everything for years, anyone?
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The style resembles the animatic we saw too…yeah I believe it. I don't like the front view much at all (too human-looking?) but the 3/4 views are cute. Not as unique-looking as G4 imo but it's definitely cute (besides, it'll look different in the actual movie and show. We all know the G4 vectors look different than the show). As for the designs themselves, not crazy about the horn and wings being different colors than the bodies but I like the feathered hooves and the unicorn is pretty.
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I realized something interesting: In one of the leaked emails from December 2017, a Hasbro employee was giving suggestions to a character designer. One of those suggestions was giving different horn patterns to unicorns! Apparently they're going with this concept in the final product, but with a different character designer (Imalou instead of Erika Worthlake).
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Maybe all of the unicorn toys will be able to have a glowing horn that really shows off the designs? My first thought when I saw the unicorn's horn was "it looks like those toys that make the horn out of different material so that it can light up."
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I think these designs match up with all the other more reliable leaks we got much more than the 4Chan "movie plot" posts did (even that animatic we saw had an earth pony), so I think it's time we can put the 4Chan posts to rest.
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If that is actual G5 merchandise Considering that the movie is supposed to be CGI it Might just be some 2d artwork they for merchandise

The characters look good enough — though I wonder if there'll just be a starring trio. And not sure about the horns/wings… or how it'll translate to CG. But as it is, it's very My Little Pony.
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Are these names for the G5 characters I see coming up in the image tags (Sunny, Izzy and Pipp) from any official source or is it just fan nicknames?
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Really not sure how to feel about the art on that blanket. I won't say it's ugly but it's just… off. I can't put my finger on it.

Also, the clear differences in horn and wing design are going to make it harder to sell as Equestrian future. Maybe it's due to interbreeding with other species?
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