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The world?
It is possible. We don’t know what Twilight Sparkle’s reign was like, it is shrouded in mystery - but from what has come to light, it seemed to have had a strong impression on the whole world. The cutie marks on non-ponies are so far the strongest, but not the only proof that the reigning princess and her friends together with their relatives from Ponyville had left their mark on the world. It’s possible that Twilight, who according to Opaline had an empire encompassing more than just Equestria - as Spike indirectly confirmed, had created a sort of “United Nations” between all realms in the air, on the ground, and at sea. She could have been world ruler in her time, before the magic disappeared - which seemed to have happened after she disappeared. It is possible that the G5 world was created by Twilight, although Opaline indirectly had a hoof in it, which could explain why G4 and G5 are different worlds.
Perhaps there is an abandoned throne out there, hinting at the carpet that heralded Sunny as an alicorn ten generations before, awaiting Twilight’s successor. And it’s possible that Spike’s remark that Sunny could make a worthy princess may have been because he may feel that the world needs a new representative who can revive the ideals that his friends had devoted their lives to. But the carpet revealed that Sunny is not sitting on the throne, which was left empty - which could suggest that she has the right to choose. If there was a “Friendship Empire” out there that Opaline had undoubtedly wanted to take, Sunny needs to learn about this.
But this is currently unattainable, because Discovery - which has now almost completely broken with Hasbro - refused to give up the G4 rights which may not become available until a year from now. Which could explain why TYT is on a “low budget” to drag out the time through 2024, where there is a focus on G1 and available G4 materials, such as the royal sisters’ diary from which the story behind Skyros comes from.
So Sunny and her friends must then find themselves staying in their part of the world, even though TYT has given us openings about the dragons and sea ponies that will appear later in the year. We have learned that there are secrets surrounding Sunny. It is possible, as seen with Misty and Izzy, that Zipp, Hitch, and Pipp will have their “elemental awakening” episodes. Not only will Sunny learn about the other alicorns and their home of Skyros, they will also learn about the motives of Allura, who is not a ruthless villain but a mysterious antagonist on a quest that is connected to another realm and that has to do with her brother.
There is a lot to go on before the G4 lore will be available.
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This episode is very interesting, so the English version will be a hit. Also, Zipp got her “elemental awakening” when she managed to weather a storm, although she wasn’t alone - Pipp and Sunny helped her. We now see that she will one day embrace her destiny as Queen Storm in the future. According to the pegasi, there is ancient history where there is a rainbow machine in magical clouds that could only have come from the old Cloudsdale, and only Zipp could open the portal to the rainbow clouds, possibly because her talent - and her element - was the key. Judging by the machinery, the pegasi had progressed very far in their industrial advancement during Twilight’s reign, they have managed to miniaturize the large weather machine that was the size of a large industrial factory in G4, into a lone machine no bigger than a small house.
And these magical clouds probably hadn’t collapsed in all the time the magic had been gone. Actually, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, because there is a difference between magic in living beings and magic in objects as Tirek had explained in G4. We already saw in the G5 movie that the Unity Crystals had never lost their magic, they had only stopped channeling magic to the ponies and these who were touched with pony magic. (it means that these winged and horned critters in G5 were created with pony magic) From the end of MYM, we know that magic is divided according to certain “types”, such as pony magic and dragon magic.
Then it means that the weather in Equestria has been automatically instead of manually controlled by the pegasi, who no longer needed to manipulate clouds, create rainbows and collect water from the ground - an automatic system, it is surely more than just a machine, has taken over . Besides, the pegasi had ensured that non-pegasi can also walk on the clouds - and rainbows. Zipp’s latest invention at the end of the episode is epic.
A riddle is solved.
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Being serious, glad that the episode filling the gap between that masterpiece of a Sunny episode and the upcoming Pipp and Posey episode is looking awesome. When we have to wait two whole weeks for a new episode, it’s so much more of a slog when an episode between bangers isn’t that great.
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@Background Pony #13BA
I disagree about it “just being a reskin”. What they showed in the trailer made it apparent that they have made significant improvements to the gameplay, like being able to play as all the characters from the start and them each having their own unique abilities.
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In this episode, I honestly didn’t mind the element speech. Zipp hasn’t done hers since Icy Prints, for real. I thought the new episode was really good, was absolutely not setting my expectations too high after the absolute masterpiece that was Written in the Starscouts.
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Too bad the second game has much less dub languages (6) than its predecessor (12).
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So all the rainbows in Equestria was powered by some dinky machine high in the clouds? Now I wonder who built it and who’s job it is to repair it?
Episode was good, I liked seeing the main characters have fun up in the clouds and having Zipp and Pipp work together as sisters.
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Gotten up to the part of the game after you get Izzy and see Misty and WOW. This game DEFINITELY feels more like an actual game than the first game. I have some stuff to do, so I’m not going to be able to get it all done in one sitting, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting to play as Pipp, Zipp, and Misty.
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I didn’t even know there was a sequel coming out. A wonderful surprise.
The first game was personally worth the 40€ despite being far too short. It just made me so happy. I’ve only played the Zephyr Heights prologue so far and I think it’s a legit bigger map than a whole town chapter from Maretime Bay. Or at least it felt that way. And that’s before getting to play six characters rather than just Sunny. So worth my money.
The only cloud on the horizon is that it makes me absolutely livid G4 didn’t get a proper game. I’m both so utterly happy and so utterly envious of the G5 generation of people haha.
So yeah, a nice surprise, especially that I resolved to finally watch G5 after all this time just yesterday. I’m curious if we’ll see a third game set in Bridlewood.
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I think the reason G4 never got a game that wasn’t scummy mobile trash is that the only genres that would have sold were shooters (too violent) and open world games (too expensive). By the time Super Mario Odyssey revived the 3D Platformer genre, it was probably already too late. By which I mean WB had already fiendmade FiM
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