MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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To be fair, I haven’t seen Legend of Korra myself, otherwise I wouldn’t be asking the question :P
So in this case, I feel like G5 should focus on new problems that occured which caused the split. Like it wasn’t Twilight or her desecendants who screwed up but a villaionous manipulator came and subtly starting screwing with things.
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This render of Izzy looks a little different from the screenshots we’ve seen, her hair looks a lot less detailed. I wonder, what if this is a render from the series model?
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Okay how the heck do you put in images because I’m clearly doing something wrong.
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Legend of Korra tried to tackle some more mature issues than the simple “stop the bad guy and end war” thing ATLA did. How successful that was depends on who you ask. If G5 is looking to go down a similar route then cultural relations, socioeconomic policies and the collapse of political peace accords are gonna be brought to the forefront. To make a real world parallel, Luster Dawn’s generation are boomers. Not sure how well that’s gonna fly.
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I’d hope the time-skip would be longer than that, considering everyone thinks the Mane Six are a myth now.
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Prediction: The movie is going to start with a book opening with a voiceover (maybe Twilight, similar to how FiM’s voiceover was Celestia) saying “Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria…” again, just like the first episode of FiM but instead of explaining the story of Nightmare Moon it’ll talk about the Mane 6 and about how something bad happened to them, causing Equestria to split apart.
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In some leaks there was a longma (half dragon, half horse) who was supposed to be the villain or something. I can’t remember if it was for the series or the movie.
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Remember how the first episode’s voiceover transitioned into Twilight reading the book under the tree? Maybe Twilight’s voiceover in my hypothetical opener could transition to Sunny’s dad/brother reading the book to Sunny, then Sunny questions it a little bit (“This story couldn’t be real!” or “That story was stupid.”), and then he starts singing? It could be repetitive but it could also make Sunny’s love for the story feel more, IDK the word, genuine, like her eyes light up as he sings or something.
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If we look at >>2558701 we can see that the main mares are a bit shorter than the guards here, but not by a significant amount. So high school or college age sounds about right…
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I have my own theory:
Equestria would be divided not out of hatred, but out of fear. They are afraid of races as a whole calling themselves inferior or superior to one another. Races don’t wall themselves off from other races, but at the same time they don’t want their own area to become another race’s permanent home.
From what I can tell, I don’t know if there is any solid sensible theory that can be had on what happens after G4, so even I’m not sure if mine makes sense.
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