MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Misty Shadow
Looks like this is just the standard one-week delay after all. Though if we get another episode released on Friday in the future, I won’t be surprised.
Jonny Manz
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On a somewhat related note, since I started a free trial of Apple Arcade, I figured I’d give Mane Merge a go - it’s fun and addicting, but just annoying enough that I can also put it down relatively easily. I like it
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Is G5 the most divisive gen? You have people who like it, and people who think it’s the worst thing ever.
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Could it be that they’re going to make each 22 min special the sole TYT content for each month that they get released?
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northern haste
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I can’t remember if they mentioned it before. But one of the unlisted episode directly mentioned easter so that means pony jesus is a thing
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@northern haste
I remember that MYM in the dub they said “thanks to Santa Pony”, considering that Luna and Celestia are gods, maybe Twilight is the equivalent of that because she was kind of reborn as Alicorn returning from the sky
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