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Could it be that Skyros’ alicorns are like the gods who created the entire MLP universe?
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A country far to the north. A country that had equality for several centuries, and we are known to be cold towards each other and strangers, but strongly friendly towards those whom we accept. If you know which country it is, then you will understand a lot. This is a country where people will look at you strangely if you say “hello”, greet strangers, strike up a conversation and become too close to others, a hug is the very last thing others want. But it is also a country where lasting and strong friendships that can last a lifetime exist - and where openness, honesty and indifference are very widespread even between strangers.
Any writer or creator will always fall back on his or her preferences shaped by upbringing, norms, culture, surroundings, contemporary experiences and political events of his or her time. My little Pony is North American in spirit, yet it has been seen that a good effort was made not to exaggerate this, so that it is accepted in the rest of the world. Sometimes it shines right through as seen with the last season in G4 when the ponies started to drift apart, and when G5 started with mistrust between the ponies. Unfortunately, the United States cannot be compared to other countries that the Americans would like so much, history and social traditions as well as political peculiarities stand in the way. I wish the Americans luck, because they are a bit too similar to MLP ponies in my opinion. Remember Cozy Glow.
G5 is sabotaged by other people’s greed and short-sightedness, unfortunately - and it is not as unique as one would like it to be. Thus, others must come to and continue as best they could, which TYT 2.0 is now betting on.
Background Pony #0AE9
Could it be that Skyros’ alicorns are like the gods who created the entire MLP universe?
What we know for sure about the alicorns is that they are not gods, Faust had emphasized this - but we know that they are beings with divine powers, “demigods”, because they have mortal roots through creation or ascension in connection with a mysterious power that is only called “magic”. But we do know that the Ponykind are the most magical of all kind on Equus/Equestria with their own magics that set them apart - making them very similar to humanity from the Japanese anime Evangelion, when it was revealed at the end that they were an “angel “, a divine being. We know that ponies’ magic works best in unity and harmony when many ponies come together and work together, this reveals that there is a collective magical force.
As it would be natural to assume that the alicorns spring from the Ponykind rather than being gods who create the ponies. It is my headcanon that the ponies were semi-civilized when they first discovered magic and would later form the first civilization of several in history. They may have discovered elemental magic which led to the development of cutie marks, the different pony species and profound understanding of magic. It is possible that the first alicorn was created by the older and wise wizards among the ponies - who may be the one depicted on the cover of the book about the alicorns.
Not only will the alicorns have greater magical power, they will have all three pony race magic in them - earth pony, unicorn and pegasus, as a symbol of union. And they will have much greater elemental magic than others, although it can vary greatly as Celestia and Luna mentioned in their diary. It is the element that the cutie mark symbolizes that determines an alicorn’s fate. But it gives them power - a lot of power. For the ponies as herd animals, it will automatically mean that the alicorns will have precedence over them, as pack leaders and ponies of influence with strong authority. Sometimes it is instinctive for ponies to submit to the alicorns.
And already in G1 it was noted that certain pony herds had more power than others, as “the princess ponies”. Still, these ponies had chosen to live in isolation from the others and only intervened in emergencies so that they had been discovered in what was called Royal Paradise. The princess ponies had collaborated with Megan Williams and had important roles in the time of crisis, and they were merciless against their enemies. In many ways, Royal Paradise is very similar to Skyros, as there is a deliberate separation between overpowered ponies and the rest of the ponies. This may indicate that intellectuals among the ponies in the first civilization were aware of the problem of power imbalance.
It is possible that from olden times the ponies were concerned with having the greatest possible autonomy distributed among the herds, which later became fiefs and later states. When the royal sisters came to Equestria, they probably held symbolic power until Discord’s invasion and the ensuing chaos that causes Celestia to take all power to bring harmony and order back. Yet she was seen to allow the municipalities and autonomies as much autonomy as possible, even as she cemented Equestria into a unified state. We have seen that Opaline wants all the power and that is why she stole magic to be as strong as possible. It was the example of Opaline that may have led to the establishment of a tradition that separates the overpowered from the ordinary ponies.
In that case, this “tradition” from G1 continues in G5 around the alicorns and Skyros. The latest revelations suggest that Skyros is in the sky, possibly as a flying island with mountains and forests. This proves that the alicorn civilization had chosen to isolate itself from the rest of the world just as the princess ponies had done in G1. They could have established influence on the ponies at a distance for a long time; as Star Swirl may have “retrieved” Celestia and Luna with the alicorns’ permission and lead them to Equestria in need of new leadership. But something happened; when Opaline started her attack, Skyros should have intervened because it’s really their fault because she was one of them, whom they had expelled. They didn’t, as Spike reported - and he knows that Twilight had sacrificed a lot as a result.
The writers in TYT should be clear about this if they want to show Skyros, they should let Sunny or Zipp ask the critical question about why they didn’t help Twilight against Opaline.
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Will the March special be Skyros related or will that just be another random TYT length episode?
They have shown to uncover a lot of lore in only 5 minutes
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Hopefully we get a episode soon and this is a big if about Alphabittle and Haven possibly tying the knot
river mines

sprout stan tip: the more you ask the longer he’ll be gone
I’ll be honest, allura’s plot was for MYM2(which we may never have) done by other writers, TYT is following her own plot(skyros) isolated from allura, so it’s possible that we’ll only hear from her after the finalization of story that TYT’s writers want to tell.
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Wouldn’t it be funny if the next time we see Allura, she’s been redeemed and is living peacefully with Maretime Bay? Turns out her arc happened offscreen?
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I just have fears that whenever they visit Skyros there’s gonna be more outrage from people
That’s normal right?
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